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How To Choose A Chew Toy For Your Dog
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Do you stand in the toy aisle at the local pet store looking at the dozens of chew toys in all shapes and sizes wishing there was a simple way to know that this toy is the perfect toy for your dog? What size, what shape, and what in the world is a power chewer? Do you choose plastic, rawhide, bone? Having this many options can be very confusing, not to mention time consuming. To help clear up the confusion, here are some tips on how to choose a chew toy for your dog.

Choosing the Right Size

The size of chew toy you choose for your dog will depend on the size of your dog. Most toys have a recommendation on the package for what size of dog the toy is appropriate for. Since your dog will be chewing on it, the toy should fit in their mouth, but not be small enough for them to swallow or choke on.

Choosing the Right Material

There are conflicting opinions about the type of chew toys that are safest or best for your pet. Here are a few things to keep in mind when you choose a toy. Rawhide chews are very popular and come in many shapes, sizes and even flavors and can keep a dog busy for hours. Dogs can break off small pieces and choke, so supervision is necessary.

Dogs love bones and cooked bones are a great choice. Again, supervision is needed to make sure your dog does not choke on any pieces that break off. Never give your dog turkey, chicken or uncooked bones to chew on as they tend to splinter and could prove deadly if swallowed.

Rope or knot toys are soft and gentle on teeth. A lot of dogs are intrigued by the twists and knots and will work diligently to unravel these chew toys. My personal experience with rope chew toys is that they do keep a dog busy, but a power chewer can destroy one in minutes. Be sure to pick up any strands that are pulled off before your dog eats them.

Nylon chew toys like Nylabones are durable and come in a variety different flavors. Nylon toys are very durable and tend to stand up to powerful chewing. These can be tough on your dog’s teeth, so picking one that is a little bit flexible is probably best.

Rubber chew toys are flexible and durable, so they have the ability to last a while. A lot of them can also be stuffed with treats to entice your dog and keep them busy for a while. One of the most popular rubber chew toys around is the Kong (one of my favorites).

Other Things to Consider

Like people, dogs have different likes and dislikes. Just because one dog is totally enthralled by a nylon chew toy does not mean that they all will be. One suggestion when you go to the store to choose a chew to for your dog is to take your dog with you. You will be able to see which toys catch their eye and choose one that they will love to play with.

If you are ever in doubt as to whether or not a toy is safe for your dog, talk to your veterinarian. They will be able to help you choose a chew toy for your dog based on their knowledge and experience. Always be sure to supervise your dog when you introduce new toys!

When you are standing in that dog toy aisle at your favorite pet store trying to figure out how to choose a chew toy for your dog, remember these tips to help you decide! The size of the toy should be a good fit for your dog, not too small but small enough to get their teeth around. Pick the right material. The chew toy should be durable enough that your dog will not be able to destroy it in minutes, but not too hard. Your dog should be interested in the toy, or there is no point in buying it. Toys that can be stuffed with treats are always a big hit! And always remember to supervise your pet to make sure they are safe!

Street Talk

This is an excellent article! Great info!

  about 6 years ago

Great article, like how you show all the things to take in consideration when choosing a chew toy instead of grabbing the first thing you see on the shelf

  about 7 years ago
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