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How To Choose The Right Breed Of Dog When Considering Adoption In Atlanta
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How To Choose The Right Breed Of Dog When Considering Adoption In Atlanta

Have you taking the time to check out all the different breeds of dog walking around Atlanta.

Way more then you can shake a stick at huh?

Now would be the best time to checked most of them out so you can choose wisely.

The process can also be very simple when you break it down.

We can address certain critirieasthat should be taken in consideration as well as some categories of breeds that will go right along.

Choosing a canine companion down right comes to be about love and compassion for someone else who will definitely want to give the same in return.

So what ever kind of breed that you pick will most likely become a good choice as their all lovable.

First, let's talk about Activity Level of the breed.

It would be to your best interest to research the activity level of all the breeds that you are considering.

The idea would be to pick the best match for your type of lifestyle.

For example if your a laid back person, then a breed like Terrier or similar should not be at the top of your list.

As their know for stepping on the gas and your most likely trying to hit the brake will end up mixing like oil and water.

I am just saying.

A better choice could be a Great Dane or a Mastiff as they are know for moving slow. Unless they have to scare off a unwanted guest in the middle of the night.

Second, let's talk Size and this really should be one of the first considerations when you think about it.

How much living space do you have?

Weather your staying in a one bedroom apt or Buckingham palace, size of them home should be thought about for the dog as well as yourself.

Also can you handle walking a very hyper Boxer vs a 5lb Chihuahua.

Let alone a picture of that Boxer pulling you down the street ending up on someones Face book page.

We know it will happen.

Third and lastly let's not forget the temperament of most breed of dogs out there.

Just like there are people that you don't naturally get along with, there will be some breeds that you will not see eye to eye with.

Yes, 99.9% of dogs are full of love and strive to be a true companion, some stand out to do better with certain types of owners.

Guard dogs, and pack do better with a more assertive owner as those breeds tend to test and buck if given the chance and makes for a environment of obedience problems.

There's a big difference between a pit bull and a cocker spaniel.

So most breeds will be friendly, sweet, intelligent, and a great ability to be trained. There are also those breeds that can be stubborn and need to be supervised around children, but lovable all the same.

Just know that with proper training, patience, and lots of love, any breed can and will become a valuable member of the family.

Street Talk

Most of my dogs are cross breeds, never found one that could not train me correctly.

  about 1 decade ago

Thank you Rob, I had experienced the the same thing.

  about 1 decade ago
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