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How To Determine If Obedience Training School Right For Your Dog And You - Part 1
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How To Determine If Obedience Training School Right for Your Dog And You  -  Part 1

Are you getting frustrated with your dog's behavior problems?

Have you been good by others that you need to send your dog to obedience training school?

Do you feel like your talking to a wall when trying to get your dog to follow your commands?

A professional trainer can be very helpful in their approach of determining how and why your dog is misbehaving.

Maybe private sessions with a trainer is the best fit for your dog.

One-on-one could be the best structure for dogs if less distractions is needed. Proper research is needed to check out the right trainer for your dog to get that needed long term benefits.

I was lucky because I have a few friends that are professional dog trainers and I went with the one that I feel was the most compassionate with dogs and their style of training.

Well let me assure you that your not alone.

All dogs and their owners can benefit from obedience training and that would include ones that are considered well trained.

A little refresher course or two will go a long way to cut down on some negative behavior.

Are You Trying To Choose A Dog Obedience Training School?

I have heard from many readers about their frustrations with trying to find the right trainer for their dog.

I also get a lot of comments about people with no training or certifications try to pass themselves off as professionals.

Evidently you only need some flyers and business cards to be considered a dog trainer.

I know that this sounds crazy but its happening everyday.

Everyone wants to be the next Dog Whispers like Cedar Millan.

Well now is the time to do some due diligence like you would look for a Veterinarian or dog groomer.

They all are important to us dog lovers so choosing wisely will be worth their weight in gold.*

It is worth taking the time to find the right trainer. Here are some places to find trainer recommendations:

Where should you start looking for professional dog trainers?

As you travel the streets of Atlanta or the city that you reside in, check out the dogs walking with their owners.

Do they look well behaved, walking with confidence, looking happy to include the owner looking happy as well.

Visit a nearby dog park check check for the same.

Do you see dogs that seem to listen to their owners well, they respond correctly to the commands given to them, and of course see if they look happy.

These are the owners that you want to communicate with asking for referrals and suggestions.

There will be good and bad ones suggested and that will be coming from the experiences that they had which will be good for you.

Your veterinarian could be very useful in this area with suggestions as the deal with all types of professionals that primarily deal with dogs.

Now the real work begins.

Start checking out the dog trainers that were suggested and even some that weren't.

Calling them and asking them different questions about their education and qualifications, how long they have been training, and even ask what kind of dog do they own.

Ask about their services like what's involved, how many sessions, how many have they trained before, and can they give any names of past dog owners they have worked with.

This information will help you make good decisions as who will be the one to help your dog with their behavior problems.

From my experience working at a shelter, that seems to be the top reasons that owners want to dog off their unwanted dogs is because they don't listen to them. You can hear the frustration in their voice and they just want out off the relationship not realizing that they played a part of the problem.

Check out a list of recommended dog trainers and obedience schools in the Atlanta area.

Street Talk

Thank you Rob, That is definitely the way to go about it to cut down on problems

  about 1 decade ago

Always found that i was able to train my own dogs to a fare standard of obedience without help. Love and mutual understanding between pet and owner the best base to begin training. I have also found starting young, when the pup arrives I begin. I love my dogs and give them a lot of attention, too much my wife says, but this helps.

  about 1 decade ago
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