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How To End Potty Training Problems For Your 4 Legged Family Member
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Do you agree with me that a brand new puppy is the most adorable pets even though most don't come potty trained?

They are so curious with their wet sniffing nose, innocent eyes, and playful nature that makes you just melt. They are also equally naughty that goes with that cuteness.

Do you fear terror that you will experience when you bring that new cute puppy home when they start moving around and learning about all your valuable items that are with in their reach.

Puppies have a tendency to nibble on everything from newspapers, shoes, to furniture when they reach that teething stage. If your anything like me, I like my shoes without the teeth marks in them.

The cute four legged friend also will have a difficult time being taught to be potty trained, but this process does not have to be so difficult to you to accomplish in a short time.

I have a few simple steps that has always worked well for me and has cut down on the frustration at the same time.

These should have your puppy potty trained with the best of them in no time. First, to keep your puppy from wandering in many areas sniffing around, keep all doors closed.

So please try to keep an eye on the puppy during this early stage until they are completely potty trained.

Use this advantage of not having to keep cleaning up the No.1 and No.2 from your pup by immediately taking them outside whenever you notice them sniffing around the room

. Also when you see them beginning to squat. By taking them outside, this will encourage them that he should not do his business in the house.

You must be consistent with this potty trained method in order to successfully build structure for the puppy.Taking them out them same door everytime should help him remember that this is where he goes when he has to go.

Even though our four legged friends don't have a language, they understand action very well.

Now like majority of new pups, they will try to see your reaction when they try to go potty in the house even though he realize why you take him outside to take care of his business.

The best way to speed the process along is to not punish him for bad behavior, but to praise him more for his good behavior. It will be a good idea to reward him with a biscuit and words of praise after he goes outside, goes potty, and comes back inside.

Being dominant over your little puppy will only cause him to be in constant fear and that is not good for anyone in the family.

You can also use the method of taking him outside for a walk 10 to 15 minutes after he has filled his tummy. Allow him to stay in small areas and have patience, I know there goes that P-word.

This method will build structure for him to know where and when to take care of his business.

It should also be important to do your research and ask your vet what will be the best diet for the puppy. This will allow you to feed him healthy meals and that he eats the right amount of times daily.

All this is very important to a grateful family of dog lovers.

These are just a few ways of getting the precious puppy potty trained and being the best four legged friend your family can have.

Street Talk

Trying they will Rob, my dog will go up to the door and look at me giving me the chance to get myself together or else. Thank you

  about 1 decade ago

Nice article, you refer to the pup trying to poo or wee inside even during training, this I call human training, he is trying to see if he can get away with it. I have an older dog that will still try it now, but before he does anything he will look me in the eye, I recognise the look and send him out. I'm sure this is just his sense of humour "Lets try the Boss"

  about 1 decade ago
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