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How To Help The Overpopulation Problem Of Dog Shelters In Atlanta - One Dog At A Time
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How To Help The Overpopulation Problem Of Dog Shelters In Atlanta   -   One Dog At A Time

There are reports everywhere about the overpopulation of dogs that need to be adopted on Atlanta.

Are you considering becoming a new dog owner in the near future?

Have you been hearing how much of a problem of homeless dogs in Atlanta has become?

If you answered yes like I sure you did, then today is about us finding a solution to the problem.

Why? Because two heads are better then one so let's see if we can figure this thing out.

I say let's begin with considering dog shelters as a first.option.

I volunteer at a local dog shelter and I have to admit it has become my favorite time.of my week.

Just being able to spend time with these unconditional canines that would give their arm and hind leg to find a forever home with a loving family.

This could be you doing your part in trying to correct this problem and get much more back in return.

There seems to be many issues adding to the overpopulation problem of dogs like poor training or no training at all, behavioral problems, lack of being spayed or neutered programs being pushed.

Then there is the common situation of a new dog owner and the dog becoming a bad match for each other for some reasons and I have heard many like:

*the dog was aggressive

*the dog thought the furniture was one of their dog treats

*the dog was too hyperactive

*the dog constantly barked

*and the list goes on and on

A lot of this problem in my opinion comes down to lack of education for the new dog owners and poor dog training.

I have yet to hear of a dog completing a personality profile like on e-harmony, although that wouldn't be a bad idea.

But I believe that new dog owner will have to take some better approach to finding the best dog for them along with the education to keep them for the life of the dog.

This alone will.cut down on these owners changing their minds keeping the dog and returning them or even worst actions which I will not mention because I just ate.

So on that note all dogs deserve a second chance just like we humans do and get right? Are you with me on that?

I can say that dogs deeply desire to be placed with one loving family, in one loving house, with their loving fire hydrant down the street that they mark so willingly every chance they get.

So what can we do to help be part of the solution of the overpopulated dog shelters?

1) Begin with providing training for the dogs:

And this shouldn't end after some 8 week course, training and socializing the 4 legged family member should continue throughout their life.

Dogs want higher education too.

There is no finish line here when it comes to dog training.

And don't give up on the dog if it takes them a few extra lessons to get it.

Hey, we fell of the bike a few times when we first tried right?

I know I did and I still got scars on my knees to prove it.

2) Let's do the research in order to find the right breed:

All dog breeds have their little differences that could be right or wrong for any family.

Read the traits of the breeds and they will tell you:

*Which needs more grooming, which have higher or lower level of activity, which will have an ease of training.

*Which breeds are best around children, and which like to lay back on the couch just as much as we do.If your like me.

*Which likes to hear themselves bark,

*Which likes to be brushed all the time because they never know who might stop by or who they might see on the dog waking trail.

Don't let me forget shedding, like in the past I had a chow named Nikki that left me baffled how she had any fur left from all she left on the couch and carpet.

*Which breeds have been known to struggle with behavior problems.

I am not saying at all to avoid these type.of breeds because they all can be loving, but just consider if you have the patience and ability to help the dog along the training process.

And don't be afraid to ask for help if you start to see the problems in the early stages. It will help the dog and you in the long run.

Try not to let your four legged family member develop those bad habits that can become hard to brake.

Remember that dogs want to love you and please you twice as much as you want from them, its their nature.

From my experience, most dogs that end up in the overpopulated shelter once had a family, a house, and their favorite fire hydrant they called their own and then one day their world was turned upside down leaving the dog to fill out an address change card forwarding their mail to the nearest all ready overpopulated dog shelter.

Could have been the result of lack of training, neglect, financial situations, or just was not a good match with the owner so they gave up on the dog and returning them like some too small pair of pants brought on sale.

So if starting with proper training, being loving, caring, and patient, and really checking out the different breeds out there that fit the dog owners lifestyle will help this disturbing problem by helping one dog at a.time.

We have to start somewhere right?

Street Talk

This problems continue to grows as we speak, it will get better only if we can do our part. Thank you

  about 7 years ago
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