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How To Housebreak Your Puppy Using These Six Easy Steps
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How To Housebreak Your Puppy Using These Six Easy Steps

Have you become the professional pooper scooper in your home?

Are you pulling your hair out trying figure out what steps to take to housebreak your puppy?

If you have an adult dog that hasn't had potty problems in the past but now experience accidents could warrant a visit to your vet for some test.

The vet will likely performed a urine and or fecal test to see if there could be some internal problems.

Adult dogs as well as Puppies with the "potty inside the house problem" are due for some training and management to get them on the right "paw" I mean foot.

So let's begin with that training and what's needed to make that happen:

The right tools for the job is what we need:

*Patience- sorry Walmart hasn't started selling that yet

*Recording notebook- better then writing on your hand

*Treats- dog treats not human treats

*Six foot lease

*Crate- not a jail cell

Now, use these six step to change this negative behavior in no time at all.

1st step: begin a daily schedule to help your four legged family member build the consistency needed to make this all come out right( no pun intended)

Yes, this will include the weekends to so don't slack thinking you can sleep in. Set the clock.

2nd Step: record the times that your dog eat, drink water and goes potty everyday to build consistency for yourself.

Take notice also when they take maps and play especially puppies, this information will be useful believe me.

Watch to see if they go sniffing around, sitting or clawing at the door, or even so unexplained whining.

These are all patterns to help you communicate with your dog as its time to handle business outside.

3rd Step: Using a crate will help when you can not watching your dog closely.

Please do not think that keeping your dog in a crate for long periods of time will be the answer to all your problems.

Just use them as aids and purchase one that is just big enough for your dog to turn around inside. They don't need that much room for the dog to think they can go to potty in there and lay at the other end.

Until your dog gets to the point where they can handle being left at home and are successful at the going potty game, consider having someone come by midday to walk them.

They are like people and can't hold their bladder 6 or 8 hours.

I know I can't how about you?

4th Step: praise your dog when their handling their business outside, this encourages them that they are doing the right thing and in the right place.

Offering a treat once they are finished will also help.create a well trained dog as his #1 goal is to so work this to your advantage.

Walking them for a little longer will act as a reward as well and for them, likely they will use that extra time to all downloads are complete.

You know what I mean.

5th Step: kindly interrupt them if your lucky enough to catch them in the act with a "no" or "oops" will go well.

Yelling at them at this action will not be necessary, just quickly take them outside to the spot they call their own and a new positive habit will be formed.

6th Step: If by chance you pooper scooper expertise are required, just use some enzymatic cleaner for pet clean up to to help when they go sniffing for that spot in the future.

Please don't swat them with paper or rub their nose in it, this will not help with this negative behavior so let's bust that myth right now.

So the six steps to indoor popped scooper freedom are:

1: Feed at consistent time for your dog and you

2: Give positive praise for a job well.done by your dog

3: Politely Interrupt if you catch them at the scene of the crime

4: Use products that will help remove the scent

5: Use a crate, pads, friendly dog walker when not supervising your dog

6: Records the times of feeding as well as them communicating the need to go outside.

Using these six steps will give you and your dog the upper paw on a well house trained dog and not to mention a poop free home as a bonus.

Street Talk

Thanks Rob, Yes being the royal pooper scooper can bring along great honors lol

  about 7 years ago

Nice article, I am the pooper scooper in our house, luckily they are house trained and perform the act outside. Now if someone can help so that we can teach them to collect their own and dispose of it to save me that chore.

  about 7 years ago
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