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How To Keep Your Dog Safe In A Dog Food Recall
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How to Keep Your Dog Safe In A Dog Food Recall

With all the recent recalls and concerns surfacing about the quality of dog food these days, it’s really important to know why recalls happen and what you can do to protect your family pet.

The alarming truth is that there will be more recalls, there will be more pets at risk, and you could be startled into a panic trying to identify if you are feeding your pet a harmful food and figuring out what to do about it or. This is our reality.

Let’s look at the pet food recall beast. Why do dog food recalls happen? What can you do to help keep your dog safe in the midst of the chaos and fear it can cause?

Well first, let's take a look at the players in the pet food industry:

The authority is known as AAFCO (American Association of Feed Control Officials). Their mission is to ensure that feed meets the nutritional standards for pet food that is complete and balanced. Okay, so, this is comforting.

But, dig a little deeper and we find that AAFCO doesn't have statutory authority to regulate any pet products at all. Umm, how can you regulate without authority?

Wait, there’s more…. AAFCO doesn't test, approve, regulate, or certify pet foods. Then, who tests and certifies? …now, I am concerned.

At the state level, the feed control officials are to make sure pet food products are uniformly labeled and distributed into the marketplace.

So the food is not tested or certified, but the label should be correct and uniform? Sounds to me like (excuse the pun) ‘the tail may be wagging the dog"!

This absence of regulations or controls explains why we have dog food recalls. Without an authority to test or certify the production and distribution of our pet food, it is our family dog that has to get sick, or even die, before the dog food with poison is pulled from our retail stores shelf and the alarm button sounds.

This should Not happen on your watch!

You will want to find a safe dog food for your pet companion. You will want to look for a dog food company that has high production and distribution standards so your furry companion will stay safe and protected. This dog food company you choose should have a clear record – a dog food that has never been recalled.

You want to feed a high quality dog food that has natural, wholesome ingredients and vital nutrients for his complete nutrition – real protein combined with vegetables and fruits that grow in our soil. When you look at the label (after the state feed control official) you should find a complete list of ingredients with things you can pronounce.

If you stumble on a five syllable word, it is probably an artificial flavoring or chemical preservative that can be harmful to your dog. If you read corn and by products in the ingredient list, you will know this isn’t the brand of dog food you want to feed your pet.

Safety and quality in the food we choose for our dogs is a huge concern. You want to feed your dog a high quality dog food to help guarantee that you don't find your own dogs food on a dog food recall list. Taking the time to do your due diligence will definitely pay off when it comes to finding the best food for your dog.

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