How To Keep Your Dog's Teeth Healthy And Strong
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How To Keep Your Dog\'s Teeth Healthy And Strong

How to keep your dog's teeth clean is a real challenge under any circumstances. So this article will be focused on dog tartar remover and looking after your dog's teeth, ensuring that they are healthy and strong?

I mean, we humans always make sure to take good care of ours – it’s one of the biggest reasons why we could confidently smile! So, why not do the same for our canine friends? I couldn’t imagine dogs getting cavities and holes in their teeth. That would be extremely terrible and painful considering they can’t tell us or do anything much about it.

But, I also know how difficult it is to keep dental care a priority. I brush my teeth at least twice every day but no matter how hard I try, I could not complete a week of daily brushing for Harley. I think it’s totally understandable, though – life happens and there’s not much we can do about it.

Well, wait there are:

In fact, I have a few pointers to share on how we can best take care of our furry pet’s pearly whites even without the aid of a toothbrush. (Not that I’m saying we shouldn’t brush their teeth, of course.) But it helps keep the cavities at bay. Anything for our dear dogs…

How to Clean Dogs Teeth Without Brushing

1. Dry food versus soft food.

Although it looks better to give dogs soft food because they’re easy to chew (and they look more appetizing, frankly), opting for dry food is actually better and healthier for their teeth. Why so? Soft food is more likely to stick to their gums and teeth which will eventually lead to tooth decay.

Oh, and while you’re at it, make sure you stick to high-quality organic brands instead of generic dog food brands. Control table food scraps and provide them with food and treats that are specially formulated for their teeth, however sometimes Harley will manage to con a titbit here and there from a visitor to the house. Your veterinarian can also provide you with professional advice for a special dental diet recommendation.

2. Chew toys and chew bones

Synthetic chew bones and toys for dogs are not just for playing around. In fact, they can make your dogs teeth stronger and even cleaner. Avoid giving your dogs hard objects as it can break their teeth although again Harley does love his raw chicken wings or legs and chews on those regularly. Soft chew toys also do help to prevent build-up and strengthen their teeth, so think of it as a chewing gum for doggies.

3. Water additives

There are also products or additives that you can put into your dog’s drinking water that can help slow down, if not totally prevent, the formation of tartar. This one is best used when the dog is still young and after a dental cleaning. Some recommended brands include Healthy Mouth.

4. Dental diets

You can also check with your dog’s veterinarian to see if they can recommend a diet that will help reduce the formation of tartar. Most of these diets act like toothbrushes because of the ingredients. They may also come with special ingredients that prevent gingivitis and plaque buildup.

5. Professional Cleaning

Of course, it wouldn’t hurt to bring your dog to a professional who can do the cleaning on your behalf. They have the right tools and the right knowledge so what better prevention than to let the professionals do the cleaning.

Cleaning Dogs Teeth at Home

After professional cleanings and vet checkups, it is also best to do some at-home teeth cleaning with your dog to get them used to the routine. In fact, it is recommended to start brushing their teeth when they are still young.

What will you need? Obviously, you will have to get a good dog toothbrush from your local pet store. If you can’t find a size for your furry pet, go ahead and use a child’s toothbrush, a finger toothbrush or even gauze or a swab. Pick out toothbrushes that have really soft bristles.

As for the toothpaste, avoid using those of a human’s as it contains fluoride that may be extremely lethal to canines. Your pet store will gladly offer you one that is specifically designed for dogs.

How do I go about cleaning Harley’s teeth? Below are some really useful tips that I believe will help you:

• Start out by using a small sample of the toothpaste you got for them. This will help them get introduced to the taste of the toothpaste and will make the brushing a lot easier for both of you.

• Lift the flip to expose the outside surfaces of your pet’s gums and teeth. I know it looks scary and intimidating but it really isn’t. As long as you begin when the dog is young, your dog will eventually get used to it as they grow older.

• Brush their teeth using gentle downward motions, just as you would brush your teeth.

• Most dogs won’t let you clean the inside part of their teeth. I know Harley won’t. So, the best you can do is clean and brush the one that faces their cheeks as thoroughly as you can.

• The teeth that are most at-risk to tartar and plaque buildup are the upper molars and canines so brush them really well.

Harley loves it when I give him a treat as a reward for being such a good boy after he let me brush his teeth. You could do the same for your dog, too.

Don’t worry, brushing your dog’s teeth isn’t as hard as it sounds. And, ideally, brushing dogs teeth ought to be done every single day but if that is impossible for you, just make sure that you do it as often as you can and that you follow the alternative cleaning tips I mentioned above.

A toothache isn’t cool most especially if it’s your dog who suffers from it.

Happy brushing!

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