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How To Prepare For A New Dog And Find The Stuff You Need
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How to Prepare for A New Dog And Find the Stuff You Need

When you bring a new puppy or dog home to your family, it may be a planned event or just happen. Or, you may have searched high and low for the breed, size, age, or gender that you think will be the best fit. Or, you may have adopted a dog whose eyes and posture said, "I want to be yours -- pick me, pick me". And so you did.

Or, your new pet companion may have found you! This is how it happened for me, and my then lost, Rocket, almost 12 years ago. We knew instantly that we were going to be partners. He showed me his soul in his eyes and wagged his happy tail into my life, home, and heart.

I remember very clearly the moment I opened the front door and he bolted into his new home. I flushed with panic when I realized that I was not at all prepared. Some people might throw a towel on the floor and call it bed and fill a plastic bowl with water and call it drink. But, not me.

I usually prepare for a task or project. I like to gather my supplies and tools together before I start something as simple as planting a flower-and this is a dog, a new family member. He will need more than dirt, sunshine and water to grow and thrive. So, I swung into action - gotta prepare for a new dog. I needed to buy dog supplies for his healthy start.

Oh my, it was like bringing a new baby home and not having set up a nursery. Rocket was going to need a bed to sleep in, a kennel to rest in, a collar and leach, and a food bowl. Fortunately, these things were easy to gather off the shelves of the pet supply store and the cart was full of these bulky items in minutes. Without much thought and deliberation -- maybe a little tag flipping to compare pricing-- but, I did manage to gather the basic stuff for new dog.

I had not had a dog for several years when Rocket 'landed' in my lap. Some very important decisions were left to make. What food do I feed him? What treats will I use to train and reward him? What is the best shampoo to remove the layers of filth he brought with him? His ears needed to be cleaned, so add a product for that, too. That was a lot more shopping and I was running out of steam.

In my haste, the selection for the best dog food and other essential products would turn out to be very random. Each isle was loaded with colorfully packaged items screaming to jump into my crowded cart. So, hoping that I covered all my bases, I loaded food, treats, shampoo, and ear cleaner into the nooks and crannies of my stuffed shopping cart. I cleared check out and pushed the loot to where my new furry friend was impatiently waiting.

Fast forward ten years and you have a huge advantage. You won't need to scurry to the pet supply store to collect the things you need to get started with your dog or puppy. You can do the due diligence and make good choices for the supplies for new dog on your home computer.

You can turn to social media recommendations from people you trust. You can tune into a niche forum where groups openly shared their opinions. And you can learn from articles that are published by writers who present the product information to help you make the right choices for the dog stuff you need.

These are important decisions for a healthy start with your new furry friend. When you decide you are ready to choose the dog food and care products for your dog, you can go to the online store to shop, check out safely, and manage delivery to your home.

You can make good choices and save valuable time. You don't want to be the lunatic pushing the heaping cart of stuff down the isles of the pet supply warehouse in a mad dash to prepare for a new dog. This time and energy is much better spent bonding with your new dog or puppy!

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