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How To Prevent Diabetes In Dogs
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Diabetes is a huge concern in the modern world for people. The thing about diabetes though is that it was not always a big problem, only recently over the last 20-30 years has it started to really rise up and be a constant killer.

We might not know what diabetes is or what it does but the majority of us know that it comes from bad eating habits and too much sugar in the diet. The thing that is interesting however is that pets such as dogs are starting to get diabetes a lot as well and it’s not just this disease that is a concern. Overall dog health all over the world is slowly declining, why is this?

Dry Dog Foods Are To Blame

How many of us actually have any idea what a healthy dog food diet consists of? How many people actually have any idea what the dog food they give their pet contains? The answer two both these questions is scary, mostly no one. This is why many dogs have health problems such as diabetes, we trust that the companies that make dry dog foods are “good” but I think it’s pretty obvious what the answer to that question is…

The best way to cure a disease is to prevent before it even occurs. The same can be said about diabetes. We can cure and prevent diabetes by giving our dogs a healthy diet, but what is a healthy diet for dogs? Well, in order to answer this question we need to turn to Mother Nature for her help with this one.

How to Prevent Disease Before It Happens

Dogs were made and created to hunt and be a predator. They were born carnivores and designed to eat meat from wild game. What this means is that dogs were made to eat a diet that was pretty much completely based upon raw meat from other animals. How many people do you know feed their dogs a diet that is even close to this? You probably answered no one.

If you want your dog to be healthy and not spend its whole life slowly dying you need to start giving it a diet it was designed to eat. The problem with people and dogs are the same, the majority of our problems are occurring naturally from a diet that consists of junk food we were not designed to eat. You might want to try to make your own homemade dog food recipes or read some books that will show you how to make some easy and cheap healthy meals for your dog.

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