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How To Stop A Puppy From Biting And Chewing
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How to Stop A Puppy From Biting And Chewing

One of the problems many new puppy owners face is the fact that puppies, no matter what breed, like to bite and chew on everything. Some puppies do chew more than others. It all depends on his or her nature.

Once you have a puppy in your home nothing is safe. If he or she can reach it, it will probably get chewed up somewhat. So, if it is something such as furniture, shoes, socks, money, or anything you value, pick it up!

Yes, I did say money. A friend of mine had this happen. They left their dog unattended for just a few minutes not thinking she would eat the $50 bill sitting on the coffee table. Well, it was gone after they came back into the house a few minutes later. You never can tell what might look appetizing to a puppy.

Why do puppies bite and chew?

Puppies naturally chew and bite on whatever they can since they are going through the process of teething. They are not doing this just to get you mad or make your life miserable.

This is part of the growing up stage that they go through. At least, most puppies grow out of chewing on everything by the time that they are at least one-and-a-half to two years old. There are some though, that keep chewing on stuff if the opportunity should arise even if they are older.

This brings to mind one of our dogs, Mocha, a four-year-old Teddy Bear. She is usually very good. She does not chew anything up while we are around home.

But we found out the hard way that she does not like it when she is left alone for long! We thought we'd give her a chance and let her be out of her crate while we went shopping about six months ago. Well, that was a mistake!

Since we know that we should pick up anything that may be tempting to her, we did not leave anything on the floor except some chew toys. I guess we should have remembered that she can jump.

We had left some stuff such as pens, pencils, a bag of chips, and some of our mail on the coffee table. These were no longer on the coffee table when we got home.

Let's see, the pens and pencils were scattered in pieces across the floor and the bag of chips was somehow now empty and also in a tattered state. The mail she just knocked on the floor, I guess she had no interest in chewing up our bills!

The computers also had somehow turned themselves on while we were gone, or was it a little gremlin named Mocha? I'm thinking the gremlin, Mocha! Especially since all of the pens that had been next to the computers were now on the floor, chewed up. Somehow, I don't think the pens threw themselves onto the floor for her to chew them up.

So, after this lovely episode we cannot trust her to behave while we are gone for any length of time. I'd rather not have anything else ruined, especially the computers! Back to the crate, at least for a time!

Now, six months or so later, we have come to a compromise with her. She is allowed to stay in our bedroom crate free and so far has been very good.

How to get puppy to stop biting

Biting, at first, when they have not really gotten their teeth yet, seems kind of cute. A few nibbles here and there while you are playing with puppy...well, it doesn't really hurt does it? No, not yet but soon it will.

If you do not stop this biting behavior while it is still a puppy, you will most likely end up with a grown up dog that thinks it is okay to bite people. The older they get the more it is going to hurt when they bite! Make your puppy aware that this is not acceptable.

Tough love

When your puppy starts biting you, and even if it doesn't hurt, say in a firm voice, Stop! or even Ouch! This will get your puppy's attention.

Bring your puppy to a safe place such as their crate. Then do not give your puppy attention for a few minutes. Ignore him or her. This will eventually teach the puppy that you will not continue playing if he or she bites someone.

Ways to keep your puppy from biting and chewing

Some puppies continue to bite and chew on things even though they aren't teething anymore. This is why it is a good idea to purchase some chew toys for your puppy. This will allow him or her to chew on something that is safe and isn't your furniture!

There are hundreds of different toys made especially for dogs and puppies. Some are made from plush, rubber, raw hide, and other materials. Another good thing for a puppy to chew on is one of the many kinds of bones available.

When choosing toys for your puppy make sure you take into consideration what type of chew toy would be best for him or her. If it is too small the puppy may accidentally end up choking on it. If it is too big of course your puppy probably won't want anything to do with it.

I would suggest buying a variety of toys for your puppy. This way you can figure out what type of toy your puppy favors and buy more chew toys that are similar in the future.

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