How To Train A Dog To Stay – Easy Effective Method
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How to Train A Dog to Stay – Easy Effective Method

Once your your has fully understood the sit command it is important to understand how to train a dog to stay. There are many times when you need to give a Stay command to your dog so that it will remain still: crossing a busy road when there is a car coming is the most obvious of all examples. Or you might want your dog to stay if you have guests visiting and you don’t want it to jump on them; another example where the stay command is helpful might be when you quickly need to walk into a store where dogs are not allowed.

Every time I go on a walk with my dog, I have the opportunity to improve this command. I tell him “Sit” and then I pronounce the word, “Stay.” I start moving away from him and even if his desire is to follow me, he remains perfectly still; once I’m 20 feet away from him, I turn around, I look at him, and then I call him. I have also taught my dog to respond to hand signals, and he would remain in a sitting position even if I were to start moving towards him or if I were to walk around him. When I pat my left side, he knows that he must come and sit down next to me.

Let me show how you will be able to do the same with your dog.

How to train a dog to stay

How to train a dog to stayGive your dog the “Sit” command and wait for it to come and sit down next to you. As you pronounce the word “Stay” keep your left hand palm open at about 10 inches away from your dog and take a step backwards. The first times you try the exercise, try to make your dog sit still for a few seconds; your dog will look at you with interest, and will want to follow you as soon as you move. If he does move from his sitting position, say “No, sit” and wait for it to sit down again. Repeat the stay command again and praise or reward your dog if it remains in position for at least a few seconds. You should gradually increase the distance you walk away from your dog and try to keep your dog in the sitting position for as long as you want. It will take lots of patience and repetition to achieve this result.

Once you have mastered this first but fundamental part, try something more complicated: after giving your dog the “Stay” command, try walking around it in circles. The objective is for your dog to remain seated until you have completed a full circle around it. as you walk around it, your dog will follow you with its head, but will remain seated. If needed, repeat the “Stay” as you circle around your dog. Circling around your dog will probably not be immediate, but trust me, with practice, you and your dog will learn to master this command. And guess what? When you’re out at the park, training your dog on a regular basis, people will stop and be amazed at how well you control your dog.

Note: You need a word that will set your dog “free” so it knows that it can move or stand up – something that will make it understand that moving is ok. I pat my left leg, if I want my dog come and sit next to me, or I pronounce the word “go” if I want to let it run freely. A dog trainer who is also my good friend uses the word “Free.” The word you use is not important, as long as it is short, distinct and easy to understand for your dog.

Be sure to use this same word every time you end either a practice session or an individual command.

Giving your dog the free command, by saying “Okay, go,” is a great command to use because it teaches your dog that it can not walk through doors or gates until you have given it permission to so. My dog for example, never leaves the yard without being “set free”. He could literally stay for days in front of an open gate, without running away.

Wouldn’t you want your dog to do behave like this? With proper training and a lot of practice, your dog will do the same. Again, not discourage yourself if your dog does not learn the command immediately, remember to be patient and

repeat the exercise until you see results. It takes a lot of determination.

Training tip: practice the Stay command as many times as possible during the day (about a dozen if you can) in the following situations:

• every time your dog is near the front door and willing to go outside

• whenever your dog approaches a pedestrian crossing

• while you are putting food in its bowl

Stay command in a nutshell

1. Call you dog and make it sit next to you

2. Raise your left hand palm open at about 10 inches from it and give the Stay command

3. Take a step back

4. If your dog moves from the sitting position to follow you, make it sit down and start over

5. Start with short periods of time – even a few seconds – in which you want your dog to remain seated

6. When your dog stands still (even for a few seconds) reward it

7. Gradually increase the distance between you and your dog

8. Gradually increase the amount of time you want your dog to remain seated

9. Once you have learned the basic Stay command perfectly, move away in different directions – right, left, back and start circling around your dog

10. Once you have mastered these differentiations, train your dog with manual and non-verbal signals

11. Remember to give the “free” command when you want to free the dog from the sitting position

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