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How To Train My Dog From Chewing On Furniture
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This is my experience on training my puppy Bear from chewing on everything except her chew toys.

Every family who has had a puppy in their home has had my experiences with chewing on the furniture and also walls and sometimes bookcases. I found that if you take the puppy from day one and keep a routine with the puppy and make sure you show him boundaries. Anytime you get off of this routine is usually when they act up and chew on things they should not chew on.

The key things to keeping your puppy from chewing is to keep it consistant and try to never hit or spank the puppy, get his mind off of chewing on your stuff and show him his toys to chew on. Make sure that only one person in your family is doing the training. (usually it is the one that can be home the most.)

I found that the repetition with my puppy Bear was the best thing that could have happened to her. She knows hand comands and also knows what I am talking about just by my hand signals. Bear is now 10 years old and is the best mannered and best listener in my home.

Repetition with every training with her is the best. (This works with chewing, potty training, also with letting her know what we want from her, IE moving out of the way and also to certain spots where we want her to be.

Crate training is not the answer for many dogs and I have never done this. The only way that crate training is good is when you are not home allot and want to make sure you do not come home to a mess.

Another good repetition for your puppy is to make boundaries for him/her, IE not to go into the living room and/or bedroom (kids room). This is also good to do in the training process for ease of where they need to be and also where not to be. Your puppy is a life long companion for you and your family and good training from the beginning is the best. This will make the best consistant training for your whole family.

Make sure that after you have the basic training of your dog you introduce your family into the training and make sure everything is consistant. (Commands have to stay the same IE" stay, no, come, get out".

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