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How To Travel This Holiday With Your Dog Without Fur - Raising Worries
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How To Travel This Holiday With Your Dog Without Fur   -   Raising Worries

There are only a few things that dogs love more then traveling like treats, walks, their owners and fire hydrants.

With the holidays here and your plans to travel to states away to grandma's house will be in order.

There will be some adjustments needed if you are having your dog join you on this adventure.

Hey, don't you agree that having your four legged family member along will liven thing s up?

Are you considering flying to cut down on the bathroom breaks along the highways?

Most airlines have smartened up and cater to dogs small and large, and if their under 15 lbs, their allowed to be in the cabin with you.

Just take a few extra precautions when booking the flight arrangements and be considerate if you are thinking of crossing a few time zones, that's way too long for your dog to be in a crate and besides there is no place to walk your dog at 10,000 ft in the air.

You should also pick a airline that has a good reputation with pet travel, them loosing your dog like loosing your luggage will not be pretty and very likely your dog will tweet all other dogs in network about that experience. Social media works for them as well.

So you decided to take the highways and byways as a option, traveling with your dog in the car will be the closest thing to dog heaven for them.

There will most likely be other cars, trucks, and other things that grab their attention, so it will be best to either have then in a dog carrier, or strapped in a dog seat belt.

Even though you have seen this many times on movies or in real life, letting your dog put his head out the window is not a good idea. This could bring on injury to your dogs neck, eyes, or head. Don't believe me, try it yourself for a mile or two and see how it feels.

More and more, hotels are accepting your pets these days and its not hard to find them when searching online as most that do have been displaying the dog symbol in their advertising.

Many also provide snacks and bowls, located near by dog walk parks or paths. They even have those little door hangers that say dog in room.

Is that hot or what?

I have yet to hear of those that change the sheets on dog beds and leave cheese treats on their pillows, but I know its happening somewhere.

If you have to leave your four legged family member in the hotel room, might be best to have them stay in the crate for the protection of everyone because most likely your dog will not like being left alone in a strange hotel room and could act out negatively.

You will not find many restaurants that cater to pets other then cafes that have sidewalks settings for best reasons that I don't think I need to discuss here.

It shouldn't be hard to locate other "pet friendly" places all through most cities that you plan to travel and most display signs to be easily noticed.

Studies show that a great many foreign countries have love for the four legged companions just as much as we Americans by allowing dogs in local beaches, museums, and other city attractions.

Just pay attention if they try to pee on the statues, that's frowned upon everywhere.

During your online search preparing for the holidays, try to locate a local vet just in case there is an emergency.

Having a clearly readable identification tag on your dog should always be a top priority especially if your dog bolts out after the Garfield float at the Macy's Day Parade if your in New York.

It has happened.

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