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Im Not Buying This! Mr Hale Said I Should Join Up So,,,
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Im Not Buying This! Mr Hale Said I Should Join Up So,,,

here goes,

Clancy is a friend of mine who writes here, and so he got me to join. Since I'm not a writer you can go a head and laugh at my stuff without making me feal bad! Now if you don't laugh it may be because I got onto a serious issue, and I appologise in advance for that. This is one of those times.

When another friend of mine asked me the other day whether she should buy a certain dog food, the first thing I asked her was,"what's in it?" She couldn't tell me! "Do U know what is in the food that your dog eats?"

That is a question that I ask on a continuing basis, because 90% of the people I ask will give the same answer! "I don't know!" So you see? Thats not funny! I love dogs, so don't misunderstand what I did. I stole 4 years of my first dog's life, but I improved on the next one!

My dogs live a full life, but why? I make their food for them! It really doesn't take much more time to make your own pet food then it does to cook for yourself. The bonus is that it will save you money!

The problem is that it is so easy to just go out and buy it, right? True. The only thing that makes dog dinners hard to fix, is that it requires a person to know what to fix!

The enormous amount of information available to us on a daily basis keeps us from even considering the alternatives to what we buy, when it comes to our dog's meals, or any pet that you may have. We tend to ignored what isn't pressuring the mind at the moment.



First go to the storage, and look at what you buy. Record the ingredient's of every food product, snack and treat. Find out what the components are and where they come from. Discover where that product is manufactured.

Did it come from a Country that is NOT governed by the one that you live in? Do you trust the quality control measures that the Country has in place? Do you have reason for any concern?

These questions, have been issues for many years! Now that the pet food issues are headlines in our "Mega Media Marketplace", perhaps the quality and safty of these products will be improved by increassing the number of inspections. The concern of the pet owning community has brought this issue quite nicely to the fore front!

Now we are actually thinking about the FDA organizations, both in the USA and world wide, who regulate the quality of the products we eat, but there is a lot to consider when it comes to how they regulate dog and cat food products! I have learned that the same group in America does it all. People and pets. Interesting!

Back in the early 70's there was a major recall in pet food products. There have been many since then. My point is that when you buy your own ingredients and make your own pet foods then you are in complete control. It just takes a bit of research.

OK. Next time we will correct your homework, and I will share a formula with you on a really great dog food recipe that I wouldn't mind eating! I guarentee U one thing! U can cook better than any Pet Food Co. and your best friend will love you for it!

I'll check with you later!

Street Talk

Excellent! When I saw the stuff they put in pet food it makes me want to throw up!

  about 7 years ago

Now you see my friend, that wasn't so hard, right? lol

  about 7 years ago
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