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Again, no expertise article, but since I am going to give my dogs a bath today, I remembered how the last one went. Maybe this one will be smoother. But the dogs are like kids, humans, you never know how things will turn out. Life is full of surprises.

Normally, I get Bella first because she's afraid of water and it's best to get it over with for her. I put an old leash on the dogs as I give them a bath since they are too heavy for me to put in the tub. This is done on the back porch. Bella has learned a bit each time to be still and the awful bath experience for her will get over with quicker. Though there are times, we still go in circles until I finally decide I might get dizzy in the process and tell her to be still. It's only normal for a dog to want to shake excess water off, so I obediently wait a few times during the bath to let her do her thing. Then it is back to getting wet and massaging the shampoo in and rinsing it off. Finally, the poor girl is done and is happy to be off the old leash after I dry her and do her normal dog thing, but find some dirt to roll in.

All the dogs are outside during this time and it is Roscoe's turn. He is normally my most obedient dog, but you know, sometimes he takes advantage of a situation. Well, he was being pretty good about getting his bath and he was also on that old leash when I heard a yip and growling and then two neighbor dogs chiming in. Well, the yip and growling came from Jenny and Bella. Jenny had crowded Bella at the fence(I'm pretty sure that's what happened cause Bella hates being crowded when she wants to bark at something and make a run down the fence. Just stay out of her way!) Jenny was on her back, her legs going crazy like she wanted to run, but Bella had her down, letting out some hefty growling. I gave a yell at Bella but she wasn't about to hear with her noisy growls and the two neighbor dogs barking up a storm. So I had to let go of the leash on Roscoe and go down the porch and I gave Bella a gentle swat on her butt. I was kind of surprised, but glad, she stopped. She let go of Jenny and looked at me. Jenny made her escape to the porch and wanted to go in the house. Her face was bewilderment and embarrassment. That toughy dog was beat once again. So I let her in to heal her ego while I had to run in the yard for Roscoe who took off since he was free of the foothold on the leash. Finally, Roscoe is done and I dried him off and let him in the house. Bella was basking under the shadow of a tree, but I wasn't giving her a chance for anything notorious.

Jenny got her bath and she is pretty good about it since she doesn't mind the water. She just doesn't like having to be in one spot cause she has to. Jenny is done and dried and let in the house and then I let Bella in the house after a small lecture, which she didn't care too much about, but gave attention. She laid on the cool kitchen floor most of the afternoon and Jenny was so wary of that dog, I had to let her know all was done, it was okay now. Jenny just couldn't get over the deal that when Bella is ticked, she is more forceful than when Jenny is pretending to be the pack leader.

Jenny is fine. Her ego was shattered that day, but I saw no bites or anything. Bella just had a chance to give back and after that short bout, she had pretty much forgot about it and probably didn't understand the big deal Jenny was putting herself through.

Aw, life with these dogs are fun. But I am really hoping this bath time does go smoother. Ha!

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