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Is Bella The Most Spoiled Dog In The World?
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Is Bella the Most Spoiled Dog In the World?

Bella the Bichon Frise is a Pampered Pooch ...

How much is too much when it comes to indulging your pet? A recent article in the British publication Mail Online featured Bella, her owner Laura and the details of the pups luxurious life.

Bella is not your typical spoiled pet. She has taken pampered to a whole new level. It's pretty standard these days for dogs to have their own wardrobes and be adored by their owners almost equal to a human child. But check out some of the items Bella the Bichon Frise has acquired.

Her Top Five Luxury Items

  1. A wardrobe of clothing that cost 20,000 British pounds.
  2. Her Louis Vuitton designer collar cost 375 pounds.
  3. A Gucci dog carrier cost a cool 735 pounds.
  4. Bella's cashmere doggy jumper set her owner back 110 pounds.
  5. A 500 pound custom designed couture dog dress rounds out the top five.

Which Wealthy Tycoon is her owner?

Prepare to be surprised. Bella's owner is seventeen-year-old Laura Benion. The teenager is employed by her father as an office worker at his company. Her weekly earnings total just 175 pounds a week. Laura shares that typically 100 of the 175 is spent each week on indulgences and services for Bella.

Doggy Manicures and Perfume

Another way Miss Benion spoils her pet is with weekly visits to a canine spa. This Bichon Frise regularly has her nails manicured and painted with special dog safe nail polish. In order to keep Bella smelling sweet, Laura keeps her spritzed with designer doggy perfume which sells for 80 pounds a bottle.

Dining in style

As you may have guessed, this dog doesn't eat out of an extra bowl from the kitchen cupboard, or even one of the special bowls or saucers sold at the local pet shop. Bella dines in style enjoying her meals served in one of her two pet bowls designed by Michael Smith. Each one cost a tidy sum of fifty pounds.

Is This Outrageous

Where should we draw the line when it comes to spoiling our pets. How much money is too much to spend. There isn't an easy answer. I suppose in the case of Laura and Bella the Bichon Frise, it's pretty harmless.

Miss Binion still lives at home with her parents, and has limited personal expenses she's responsible for. A teenager spending one hundred dollars per week on clothing, trips to the salon and designer accessories is a fixture in malls across America and around the world. Laura simply chooses to do the same for her beloved pet instead of herself. I wish her and Bella the best.

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