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Is Your Dog At Risk For Canine Influenza?
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It seems like everyone is getting the flu these days. Even birds! But, did you know that your dog can contact the flu? I know it sounds crazy but, it's true. Canine Influenza. Canine influenza is highly contagious. It's caused by a new virus so your dog has no natural immunity to it.

Does your dog enjoy the dog park? Did you buy your puppy from a kennel? Does your dog play with neighbor dogs? Does your dog go to doggie day care? Maybe your dog has close contact with other dogs through breeding. All these activities and more can put your dog at high risk for canine influenza.

Some signs of canine influenza are...coughing, sneezing, runny eyes or nose and fever. If your dog shows any of these symptoms you should contact your veterinarian immedietly. Even if the symptoms seem mild. Canine influenza can be life threatening. But, don't worry it's different from human influenza and you cannot catch it from your dog.

Everyone knows that diet, proper vaccinations and plenty of exercise are the keys to long life in dogs . Disease is on the rise in dogs. Many veterinarians think commercial dog food is to blame. Dogs are being diagnosed with cancer and diabetes along with many other well known diseases and even some new ones. Like canine influenza at an alarmingly high rate!

It's so important for you todo all you can to protect your dog from disease and unneccesary suffering. Most veterinarians suggest an organic, holistic dog food. Show your dog how much you love them. Switch your dogs food to a veterinarian approved holistic dog food now. Don't take chances with the health of your dog.

Dogs are such wonderful pets. A true best friend. There are so many reasons humans and dogs have such an amazing bond. Some people mourn the loss of their pets as deeply as they would any family member. Just remember how important your dogs health really is.

Canine influenza (dog-flu) Is spreading. Dogs in 34 states have been reported to have it. In some cases it can lead to pneumonia and, even death. This flu is not seasonal either like the human flu. So your dog can catch it all year round.. Since your dog can't tell you when he doesn't feel well it's important to protect him before he feels sick.

Talk to your veterinarian today about the vaccine.

Get the canine influenza vaccine. Take your dog on nice long walks and switch to an organic and holistic dog food right away!

Street Talk

This is a great article, so many people today don't think they need to vaccinate their dogs. Working at an animal shelter dogs would constantly come in with it and it spreads very fast.

  about 1 decade ago
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