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Is Your Dog Overweight Or Obese
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Is Your Dog Overweight Or Obese

In Oct 2011, the Association for Pet Obesity Prevention held their fifth annual veterinary survey on overweight dogs. It was determind that over the last year, the number of overweight dogs has remained even, but that obesity had increased.

The survey talked to many veterinarians and were asked to look at mature dogs and classify them, with 1 and 2 being underweight, 3 normal, 4 being overweight, 5 being obese. When the survey was complete, there was a .7 percent decrease.

That is a decrease, which is good. Also, adult dogs that were overweight or obese fell 3.1 percent. Among the owners that were surveyed, just under a quarter of them stated that they felt that their dogs weight was normal.

When asked, about three quarters of the dog owners reported talking to their veterinarian about some sort of weight lost program with them, 86 percent had conversations with their veterinarian about nutrition and different food choices. When it comes to giving your dog a treat, most of the owners gave aleast three treats a day for their best friend.

When the dog owners went to buy their dog food, the most common place was the pet store, while just under a quarter got their dog food from a grocery store and just under 17 percent picked it up at the veterinary clinics. When the dog owners were asked about nutrition in the pet food, about three quarters said they learned it from their veterinarian, while others said the internet and the store. Breeders and groomers made up 7.5 percent of the survey taken by the dog owners.

Finally, when it came to choosing the type of dog food for your dog, most of adult dog owners, trusted their veterinarians for the correct dog food. In stores, aisles are filled with many different kinds of dog food. There's dry food, canned food, and semi-moist food. Then you have natural, organic, holistic and super-premium.

When it comes to taking care of your dog, it is very important to get the right dog food. There are so many different types out there now, you must be careful. Just because it cost more does not mean that it is the best. Just like a human, every dog is different in one respect or another. Take your dog to the vet and talk to them to see what they think. Read the label on the can or bag of food to see what is included in the making of the dog food. Are you looking for a diet food, a high nutrition dog food or organic food. Make sure you check it out and take good care of your best friend.

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