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It's A Dog Gone Shame
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It\'s A Dog Gone Shame

It's a dog gone shame, when your dog tears up your favorite shoes, their newest toys or a piece of valuable furniture. I can't say I have ever thought it was funny or laughed at it when it has happened to me. But, some how when it happens to someone else it becomes funny.

I guess that's because, we pet owners have all been there! We all know how angry we can get, sometimes over the littlest things, and that makes it funny. I don't know if any of you have ever checked out some of these sites that post funny pet related things.

But, today while I was web surfing I stumbled across one I was inspired to write about. It's a site dedicated to dog owners that come home to a mess after leaving their dogs alone. A dog owner can place an incriminating photo of their dog and a note.

Which says it all, thus shaming their dogs publicly. The incident in of some of these pictures is very funny. And most of the dogs seem to know the bad things that they have done. The titles and the notes are cleaver and funny, the pictures tell the whole story.

For example: title- Anxiety gets the best of Chloe, beneath this is her picture.

In the picture with Chloe is a note, it says "I thought you were going to the movies meant you were leaving forever. I panicked my bad! Chloe, PS Thanks for the new Crate!"

In the picture is what looks like three feet of carpeting, and padding, torn to pieces with a big bare spot of floor, Chloe is lying in front of this innocently looking straight faced at the camera.

Another example title is: The Chicken Thief

In the picture below is a young Dachshund in front of him is a note to the right of the note is what's left of a chicken carcass.

The note Says:" In 15 minutes I took the chicken of the table & picked it clean-then hid the evident's under masters bed :( I am a thief and a brat.

The funny part is the look on the dogs face, and what little is left of the whole chicken that was there 15 minutes before the incident.

Okay, here's the last one after this you got to check it out on your own.

LAST One: Frozen Treats

It's a picture of a Shepard mix and he has a sign around his neck, his ears are back and he has this pitiful look on his face. The sign says:

I just ate a glove and a plastic bag at the dog park. What was in the bag? I’ll never tell!


I'm glad I found "dogshaming" feel free to check it out and have a laugh.

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