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Jack Russells Barking And Barking And Barking
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Jack Russells barking and barking and barking

We've all seen them, the tiniest of dogs, Jack Russells barking and carrying on like they were the size of Godzilla coming to crush your town. Your Jack Russell barks, and barks, and barks. She barks at the squirrels, she barks at the landscapers, she barks at the mail man, she barks at the neighbors and when you go out, she barks at the door and sometimes mixes it up with yelps and barks starring in her own One Doggy Opera!

So what do you do?

Begin by understanding your Jack Russells barking so you can help her curb it. Jack Russells tend to have high levels of energy and they need a constructive outlet for this energy to help them behave themselves.

We, as dog owners, often forget that dogs were bred with a purpose in mind. Most dogs had important jobs in the past and were bred by people to have the best attributes for their particular job. Terriers are a good example of this. There are many types of terriers, but we often find they all seem to be feisty and have a touch of aggression in them. They were used, years ago, to hunt and kill vermin. To be successful in their jobs, they had to be feisty and a little aggressive.

Jack Russell terriers were bred specifically to handle rats, big nasty rats that would get into the corn silos. The Jack Russell had to be fearless and love to burrow, as well as be single minded in finding the rats and killing them quickly. Their small, but muscular builds as well as their agility and balance all can be attributed to their specific breeding needs. Basically, they were built to be little killing machines, which can prove difficult for some of their owners when there is no corn silo and no rats.

So, again, what do you do?

Well, get some corn, and a few rats….just kidding!!

Now that you understand a bit where she is coming from, or better yet, where she came from. You can begin to find ways to stop your Jack Russells barking and start channeling her energy into better things.

Remember she is a ball of energy, where some dogs may be set with one good walk a day, your Jack will need more than that. Jack’s love to play and they love to pretend they are hunting. Hide your Jack’s toy, and then request she find it. They are smart buggers and catch on really quickly; you will be amazed how quickly she takes to this game. Of course when she does find it, let her chase it down after a toss, pretend to kill it, then starts again.

Ok, so that helps expend her energy, what about the lonely Jack Russells Barking?

Jack’s become very attached to their peeps. And truly they’d rather share their food with a big slobbering Rottweiler then watch us leave and not take them along (how dare we)!! Some fixes for your lonely Jack Russells barking are easy and simple like leaving the television or radio on for her. If this does not work, you can try puzzle feeders. These are fun little toys that can keep your pup busy for some time. There is also blocking her view from windows, if she’s occupying her time by chasing all which is evil away, keeping her from seeing all which is evil may help.


If some of the simpler techniques don’t work to stop your Jack Russells barking, you may want to try some of the anti-bark devices on the market. There are plenty of different types to choose from, and sometimes a reminder is all she needs. These devices can provide that reminder when you are not able to and correct the Jack Russells barking at the appropriate time.

Finally, congratulate yourself! After all, you are the proud owner of a Jack Russell, this is cause for celebration. Not everyone is up to it, you know! Enjoy her, love her, laugh with (or at) her, and most of all understand her!

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I can certainly identify, living with a Jack Russell must be much like living with a dachshund. Once they get started they do not stop until they're ready. What was helpful for my dogs was that I discovered they were suffering from anxiety which made them nervously bark at everything. This is not always the case as you said some dogs just have an abundance of energy. Thanks for the informative article.

  about 6 years ago
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