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Lilylou the Yorkipoo

I am a cat person. But I am also a pragmatist. When we decided to to get another pet, since we travel in an RV, we got a dog. A little Yorkipoo. How much different could it be than a cat? It was the size of a cat. When we got her she was one pound. We had a little fence in a circle we put her in. She crawled out right away. I should have known then that she was special.

We put her in a large bathroom with a plexiglass baby gate. The highest gate we could find. She jumped over it while we were gone. LilyLou met us at the door with a big puppy smile. We next got her the cutest pink kennel. It was a large pink cage, so she wouldn't be cramped. She met us at the door again. We put her in the cage and hid, to see how she got out. She just put her little paw through the cage, and opened the latch. We decided she was Houdini.

There was really not much else to do. LilyLou got the run of the house. She met us at the door everyday. A little 4 pound puppy 3 year old puppy. Had gotten the best of us. She could run, jump and think her way out of every barrier we put up. Her fame spread. My friends started telling Lily stories. My cousin called her "Leaping Lily." Everyone would end their stories with, "That Lily, she is so naughty."

One day a client, and neighbor, came over for the first time. While we were working on her book, Lily had gone in my client's vest pocket, gotten out her cell phone. When we were saying Good-Bye, she realized her phone was gone. I was mortified, knowing that Lily could chew metal pens to metal shreds. I went to find it. Lily had put it in our bed. There were little puppy dents in the metal. Thank goodness we had gotten it early. I told her I would buy a phone. She said no, how bad could the little puppy chew it. The next time I saw her she had a new phone. The tooth indents were scratchy. But she did have a great Lily story. "That Lily sure is naughty." I heard her tell a neighbor and then she laughed.

Lily has gained a lot of fame in our family. She and Grandpa like to sleep in the leather recliner. They both have a crabby look when I wake them up. Our daughter loved her and cuddled her, then went out and bought a pomeranian. Our daughter is on LilyLou's list for that. The pomeranian will probably never be on LilyLou's good side again.

Then there is the side of LilyLou no one knows. The sweet sleepy morning LilyLou who cuddles and needs her tummy petted. She is not a morning dog. So she likes to sleep in. It is hard to believe she is the same LilyLou who has gained fame and infamy for chewing cell phones, pens, lipstick tubes and anything else she can pull out of a purse or pocket.

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