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My Dog Wears Shoes
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My Dog Wears Shoes

Lucy is a miniature beagle with a big personality. She's the kind of dog that really gets on a persons last nerve. This is how she came to wear shoes.

It was raining and a little chilly out, so I went to let Lucy inside. Just as I opened the back door, she pushed it open and bolted past me. She made a bee line to the litter box. I sighed, shut the door and went after her. When I caught up to her she had her two front feet in the box and was digging around with her nose. I popped her on the behind and pulled her out of the box. She had litter on her nose and was chomping away. I tried not to gag at the sound of her crunching, as I cleaned up the stray litter. As I cleaned up her mess she took off back down the stairs. I knew where she was going. I called for her, but it was no use. She was on a mission.

I trudged down the stairs and into the kitchen. Yes, I left the pantry door open, so technically this was my fault. She had knocked over the trash and was deep into it. All I could see was her back end wagging. "Lucy!" I shrieked. Startled, she jumped and bumbed her head against the top of the trash can. It actually maked me chuckle, so I wasn't furious at this point. I tugged at her, but she was determined to get what she could. When I finally got her away from the can, we had made quite a mess!

I drug her to the back door and pushed her back outside, so I could clean up the mess. The trash was strewn across the kitchen floor, and at this point I realized she had also left muddy paw prints throughout the house. Once I'd gotten everything cleaned up, spending quality time with my dog was not at the top of my list. This is where the dogs shoes come in.

My daughter likes to shop for her pets. Recently, she brought home a set of dogs shoes. I say dogs shoes verses dog shoes, because apparently there are women's shoes called dog shoes. Who knew? Anyway, she had yet to get Lucy to agree to these new shoes. Everytime she tried to put them on, Lucy would pull away and run off. When she finally did got one on, Lucy would have it pulled off by the time she got the next one on. Since we really didn't see any need for the shoes, we didn't press it.

Thinking of the muddy prints throughout the house, I figured this was a good as time as any to wrestle Lucy into the shoes. If for no other reason than to keep the mud off of her paws and out of my house. So I went outside and called her over. She came bouncing over, till she saw the shoes! She put on the brakes and darted into her dog house. I took a deep breath for patience, then knelt down and pulled her out. Her paws were pretty clean. (From cleaning them on my carpet!) She was determined to keep them off, but not as determined as I was to get them on.

After several minutes of struggle, I finally had all fours in shoes! I scooped her up and took her back inside. When I let her down she took off, zooming around the furniture and up and down the stairs. I got out the dog treats and once she settled down I gave her one to distract her. We played for about twenty minutes, and to my surprise she seemed to forget all about the shoes!

The main reason Lucy wears shoes is to keep the mud outside when it rains. But she looks darn cute in them too!

Street Talk

Great article, love the doggie shoes. Dogs always look cool in some clothes, Thank you

  about 1 decade ago

I love dog stories, specially when there is the humour side to them. Love the article.

  about 1 decade ago
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