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No Pull Dog Harnesses - Should You Get One?
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No Pull Dog Harnesses  -  Should You Get One?

You know the feeling. You order something on line and then wonder if it will be worth the money you've spent on it. Will it be another 'pig in a poke', a 'complete waste of money', 'money down the drain' etc. etc. You've probably 'Been there, done that and got the tee-shirt' or whatever it was you ordered! I recently had those same misgivings about an item I ordered on-line. A No Pull Dog Harness. Would it work? Were all the people who told me it wouldn't work right? Is the 'sales blurb'... well...just that, 'sales blurb'? Well the deal had been made, the order had been placed and the item was on its way. Nothing I could do but wait and hope it was as good as was said in the advert. The day of delivery arrived. I open the package. So, this is a No Pull Dog Harness? Surely such a light weight item would never stop my dog from pulling? Would it? Problem Dog. I had been having problems controlling my dog when out walking ever since she was 'grounded' for quite a few weeks after a nasty accident and then again after being spayed. All those hours of training seemed to have gone out of the window. Before, she would walk quite nicely to heel, but now she was dragging me along the road! A changed dog. But then, I told myself, she has been cooped up at home, only allowed to walk around the garden on the lead to stop her pulling her stitches out and certainly no road walking, for quite some weeks. You can't blame her for wanting to get loose and run free, can you? Tiring.

Well, whatever the reason she was making walking a rather uncomfortable and none too enjoyable experience. I'd come back feeling fatigued, sore and angry with my dog, for giving me such a bad time. I mentioned this to a fellow dog walker and got the reply, 'Well what do you expect? Why do you think I always walk my dog with a No Pull Dog Harness on him?' So, I thought, it works for him and his dog, but would it work for me and this 60 pound, crazy canine who only wants to get loose and run like the wind? The only thing to do was to try one and see for myself. Was it all hype and only suitable for other peoples' easy going pooches, I wondered?

I ordered a no pull dog haress!

It was time to 'bite the bullet' and find out for myself I the one I bought is called a 'Non Pull Dog Harness' and the sales blurb claimed that it would 'Stop Your Dog Pulling'. Well, would it? On first inspection it didn't look particularly sturdy. A lot lighter than the good old, heavy duty leather collar I have used for so long. How would this hold back this mad mutt? Anyway, I'd opened the box now so sending it back may be difficult, although not impossible. I just feel uncomfortable returning stuff that I can't repackage neatly, but that's me!

Best try it and see what happens.

I called my dog and tried to get her to stand still for a minute or two – not easy. I eventually slipped the dog harness over her head and then put her front legs through the quite nicely padded loops. This particular dog harness is a 'step in' dog harness, which makes it a quick job to fit on the dog. I checked the instruction leaflet to see how to adjust it for a comfortable fit. Easy!

All done. Looks like it is on correctly. The lead was attached. Collar put on too – just in case! So far so good. Opened the door. No mad rush this time. Odd!

Outside. She started spinning around like a Dervish! Calmed her down and told her there was no cat sitting on her back. She understands every word I say to her you know!

We started walking. Hey! She's not pulling! We carried on walking. Still no pulling. A cat crossed the road ahead. She lunged as she usually does – then stopped and sat down and watched the 'couldn't care less' feline wander off! Happy, no doubt, to have saved one of its nine lives for another day and perhaps another dog. We walked on. It works!

Amazing! This No Pull Dog Harness really does work. They ( my doggy friends, Dog Harness makers and sellers) were right. This No Pull Dog Harness does actually do what it says 'on the box', it does Stop Your Dog Pulling! No Fluke

I thought it might be a fluke, but after having taken many nice, calm, relaxing walks together since, I'm still in control and I have my 'great to walk' dog back again. The local cats are also very grateful too! Will a No Pull Dog Harness work for your dog?

So if you are wondering if you should get a No Pull Dog Harness for your dog, I can only say 'It works for us' and it probably will stop your dog pulling too!' In fact I have to say that I am very pleased to have my 'old' dog back again. Walkies!

Anyway it's now time for 'Walkies!' again - only this time it will a pleasure and not a tiring tug-of-war!

Street Talk

Great article, will have to check further into this type of collar. Thank you

  about 7 years ago

They really do work. Once or twice I've put my dog's lead on her collar by mistake instead of the harness and got dragged around the streets before I realised my error. Not much fun!

  about 6 years ago
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