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Part of a dog's survival instinct is to be very hesitant when introduced to new things or places, this is considered a normal reaction. Our role as 'pack leader' or 'boss' to the dog should be to teach them that these new things are harmless and even fun. The very first thing you should do when bringing a new dog into your family is to choose a reliable vet service and find out the overall health of the dog. They may not be to happy about going to the vets but this is a step in the right direction in getting over their general reluctance to certain things. A good idea is to find a small treat the dog likes and produce it as a reward only when the dog encounters a situation it's not to keen on. You can give the vet a few of these treats to use on your dog every time you visit.

Every time your dog encounters a new place and feels a certain reluctance you may use the treats to ease the situation. It's not just vets that will intimidate your dog - visits to the dog groomers, kennels, wide open park areas with other dogs present. As well as the treats it is an idea to have your dog on a lead at all times to gain a relative amount of control of these situations.

If, like many dogs, your dog hates car journeys then it will be on edge before you even arrive at your chosen destination. It is always a good idea to get your canine friend used to these sort of car journeys at a young age. Remember, rule of thumb - Dogs will hate car journeys if they relate it only to trips to the vet ( or other places that cause them distress ).

The safest way I know of to travel with a dog in a car is in a dog basket with a seatbelt attached at some point. This is also handy because the basket ( or crate ) will hold most of the accidents that could happen in the back of the car ( drool, vomit, hair etc. ). The seatbelt is very important because the last thing you want is for your dog to be jumping all over the inside of the car when you are bombing down a busy highway. You can purchase special seatbelts which aid in training your dog for car journeys.

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