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Pet Friendly Vacation
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Pet Friendly Vacation

So you have decided to take a vacation - what do you do with the pet? Do you take it with you or do you get someone to look after it while you are away? I made that choice recently when I decided to go on vacation. I have two dogs and decided that I wanted them to go on vacation with us.

We decided we would rent a holiday cottage for the two weeks so I set about finding one on the internet. It was not easy finding one that would accept two dogs. Most of the accommodation available would only allow one dog. I kept searching and did find one that met our requirement of an enclosed garden. I promptly booked it and all I had to do now was wait for the time to pass until we could get away from it all.

As the day approached when we would leave for our pet friendly vacation I realised our problem was going to be how do we fit everything in the car! We had to take their crate for sleeping in at night, the beds for napping in during the day and even their little puppies that we heat for them to sleep with at night. They were going to be in their crate in the luggage compartment so we were going to have to fit everything in the car plus three people.

When the morning came that we were leaving their wasn't a centimetre of space left inside the car. The dogs were safely snuggled up their crate and we were ready for the off. The journey was only going to take about three hours but we stopped half way to give the dogs a drink and a little walk.

We arrived at our destination and were delighted with our choice. The cottage was lovely and the garden was beautiful. The dogs just loved it and settled in no time. It was raining when we arrived but after an hour the rain dried up and the sun shone for the whole two weeks we were there.

We had a lovely time and the dogs loved going to new towns and visiting new parks. They had their first taste of ice cream and loved it. Taking them on holiday made it very special. They are part of our family and it would not have been the same without them. We were able to spend quality time with them and have lovely memories of our vacation.

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