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Potty Training Your Puppy In Less Than A Week
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Potty Training Your Puppy In Less Than A Week

Oh yes, you can potty train your puppy in less than one week.

First things first, we have to cover some basic information. There isn't a living thing on this planet which doesn't need to empty its bowel or bladder in some form or another. I hope we can agree on that. As humans, we have a need several times a day.

I am going to make some comparisons between us and our lovely canine friends. Since you have purchased a puppy, whether for yourself, or someone else in your family, your puppy has the same needs as we humans do. That is he/she needs to pee and poop. Got that? May I just add, it is probably just as urgent, or even more urgent as you and I as well.

You know how it is when you awaken in the morning, and before you can do anything else, you have to make it quickly to the toilet to relieve yourself of the water, or fluids, which you had before you went to bed. Some more urgently than others. So it is with your new puppy.

I am going to give you some tips, which I learned having trained several puppies in my life time. I presently have 3 dogs, and 6 cats, so I am pretty much an expert on training animals to do their duties.

Follow these easy steps and you will have your puppy trained with in 7 days. I promise.

1. As soon as your puppy awakens in the morning, you are to take your little gem outside immediately, to empty his/her bladder. Sometimes you will be fortunate enough for your puppy to do #1 and #2, but not usual for a puppy at this point.

2. At this age, you can train your puppy to go in one particular part of the yard. This is especially important if you have children who share the same area. You will take your puppy to the area which you want him/her to use, and with a commanding, gentle voice, you are going to say, "name of the puppy....go potty". You can choose your words, I just found that potty and poo poo work the best. You are going to repeat that phrase, nothing else. Soon your puppy will know what you are saying, because when you see your puppy go potty you are going to,

3. praise your puppy. You are going to say "good boy/girl, you went potty", "hurry up". Continue to praise your puppy. Petting him/her and making a big deal out of it.

At this time, if your puppy did not go poop, you are going to take your puppy in the house and it will want to eat and play. Approximately 20 mins. after eating and playing your puppy is going to need to go poop. Don't forget, because I am not going to come over and clean up the poop of your new carpet. I will just say I told you so.

4. Take your puppy out to the same spot where he/she goes potty. You are now going to follow steps 1 & 2 with the words potty again and then poo poo and you are going to say "hurry up" each time. Believe me, it will work like magic. Continue to repeat each step until he/she goes, and then follow with step 3. Praise your puppy. I cannot tell you how important praise is with the success of your puppy doing what you are asking.

Now, if you will be going to work, you are going to kennel up your puppy for the day. If you have someone who can come home is approx. 4 hours to do the routine again, that's great, but if you don't, don't worry. Your puppy will be fine. He/She may have an accident, most likely urine, and not poop, but that is to be expected, because his/her bladder is still small. It will increase in size as the days go by. It won't take long before they are completely potty trained, and can stay in the kennel all day without having an accident. I told you one week or less. The success is dependent upon how strict you are.


Should you find your puppy is taking a little longer, give him/her a couple more days, and voila! you will have success.

If you find your puppy is having accidents in the house, it is always a good time to measure how long the puppy is lasting between times you are having to take your puppy outside. Remember, when you need a drink, probably so does your puppy. When you need to go to the toilet, so does your puppy.

Please do yourself a favor and get a can, such as a pop can, put 10 pennies inside, tape it closed, so the pennies don't fall out, and when you see your puppy going to go potty, shake the can with the pennies and say no, go outside. Follow through with all of the above steps. Repeat as many times as necessary. Praise your puppy for having done a great job.


Street Talk

Great article, I agree that the consistency makes a great difference with puppies or even adult dogs. Thank you

  about 1 decade ago
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