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Puppy Needs More Than Food And Water
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Awe! Isn't she cute? She is SO cute! Lick! Lick! You know what's happening. The cute little fur ball of energy is so convincing. A new puppy would be so much fun to bring home.

The cutest little thing you have ever seen looks into your eyes and you are hooked. What do you do? Yup, she rides home with you, taking inventory of the crumbs left in the seat. Jumping down to the floorboard looking for more.

Once home, the real fun begins. Just 5 minutes in that fuzzy little fur ball has found a new chew toy! Your sandals from the shoe rack. More amused than anything, you pick her up. Speaking like you would to a little baby, you tell her that's is not for her. Now, what shall I name her? Remembering how she cleaned the seat and floorboard in the car, you start calling her Hoover.

It's getting onto bedtime and since you have no where else to bed Hoover, you snuggle up with her in your bed. Hoover really likes being with you and enjoys cleaning your hands and even your face! Soon, you are both sleeping.

Waking up is always a chore! Alarm blaring for way too long...snooze button hit like 4 times. Or was it 5? Stumbling toward the bathroom, you step into a cold wet puddle! Uh Oh! You didn't even think of Hoover until now!

That ding dang dog! Leaving the puddle there, hurry to the bathroom because you have to be to work in 45 minutes! Hoover! What am I going to do with my new puppy? It hadn't a occurred to you!

You have to hurry, because you can't be late again! You have to think! What am I going to do with Hoover? I don't have a kennel. Take her to work with me? No!

Wait! I have a box I can put her in it for the day. That should work. On my way home I will buy a kennel, and other supplies I will need. Ok, plan in place! Hoover is now in a large cardboard box, with food, water, and a nice soft pillow to lay on. What else does Hoover need? That should do it.

Now what Hoover is needing? How about a Master that will love her, pet her, and take care of her!

The take home message here? First, don't let the emotional puppy love get in the way of rational thinking! This new addition to your home needs more than just food, water, and a place to lay down.

Second, be sure your circumstances allow to have a puppy. Hoover needs almost constant care, while bonding to it's new Master, you. If the time and effort is not there, then please just say NO, when it comes to adopting that new puppy.

Street Talk

I love this article as so many young dogs end at places like the SPCA, unwanted because owners discovered there's more to looking after a dog than as you said Food, water and somewhere to sleep.. well done.

  about 1 decade ago

Thanks! We work closely with a similar organization to help in rescuing dogs that are in the circumstances which I described. I think the same could be said of young people that have sex and then the unexpected child comes along. They are in no way prepared for that child. Thanks for looking in, and leaving a comment!

  about 1 decade ago

Can't agree more about the kids and unprotected sex.. sometimes these days its not only the unexpected child... it can also be the AIDS that they are not prepared for...

  about 1 decade ago
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