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Recommended Dog Food
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Recommended Dog Food

It is not very often that you even hear that a dog lives to twenty years old let alone have owned one and in those that do we look to the homemade dog food that fed to them.

You may not know it but many scientists and well respected veterinarians have estimated that a dog’s life span could be around their late teens to mid-twenties if fed on an exclusive dog food, homemade of course.

With science breakthroughs appearing almost daily, advances for a new cure or wonder drug as they are sometimes known, prescription dog food can sometimes increase the quality of life and extend our pets lives.

Advances in scientific research is tremendously underrated, a few years ago an infection in a pet or dog food allergies would result in almost certain death for a dog never mind looking forward to 20 years with a pet.

Unregulated Dog Food Industry

After a hard labour it is not uncommon for puppies and mother to fall foul of disease due to vaccinations not being given and getting dog food for puppies without a mother is always difficult but a homemade solution remedies this.

There are many factors involved in answering the question of why on earth don't dogs live life to their full potential, one answer could lie in all natural dog food, so good recipes are important.

I firmly believe the nutrition our dogs receives is the key factor to a long life, so high quality dog food is essential and we have to thank science diet dog food reviews so we can have our pets longer.

You may not be aware that the pet industry especially dog food wholesale suppliers is in the main unregulated, so the bulk dog food you buy are made and owned by a very few major worldwide companies.

Why Dog food is Not Fit for Purpose

Major dog food manufacturing companies make mainly food for us to eat, it is the incidental by-products that are classed as unfit for human consumption and manufactured for dog food suppliers.

The truth is that even the best dog food for dogs is made from leftovers even diabetic dog food and we let them get away with it, paying for it with our dog’s life.

The documentation is widely available that for even the most limited ingredient dog food is compiled from animal carcasses designated as not fit for human consumption due to their sickly, diseased and rotting state that makes up the dog food for sale you buy in shops.

With many rotting carcases waiting for many days before being processed into cheap dog food it's no wonder our pets health suffers as a result.

They Call It Good Business

Added to the dog food delivery process are also things like horns and hooves, in fact there is no waste everything goes into the dog food container for final preparation.

Have you ever thought how the fast food outlets dispose of their used oil and grease they used to fry our potatoes? Well guessed quality dog food companies buy it to add taste.

If we go back to basics dog food, the waste grease leftover from shops is bought by the ton for dog food companies to use as a coating because dogs love the taste but has no nutritional value.

You can cover even the most unpalatable produce in fat and dogs will think its fresh dog food, the companies know this and call it good business.

Worst of all is that most of the healthy dog treats we buy have preservatives, all sorts of fillers and are baked until all the nutrients are stripped out of the food, and then shaped to look like treats covered in chemicals with little absolutely no nutrition.

The solutions are very simple, first switch to natural dog treats without chemical enhancers that would see radioactive plutonium safe before it's shelf life expires.

Another solution is to change from discount dog food to the best dry dog food with ingredients that match human grade foods.

As a further solution discover how recommended dog food secrets can make your dog’s life happy and long as I did by getting Andrew Lewis's guides.

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