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Review Of Holistic Dog Food - - - - So What's Really The Best?
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Review Of Holistic Dog Food  -   -   -   -  So What\'s Really The Best?

Looking for the best holistic dog food? Trying to figure out where to start your search? The problem, unfortunately, is that all the dog food companies claim they have the best and it just really gets so confusing!

So what's the solution? Well first you need to arm yourself with some good information BEFORE you start looking at dog foods. Find out what really makes a dog food the "best". Here are a few tips to help you do just that:-)

The Good Ole Dog Food Ingredient List

The first place to start is the ingredient list on the bag of food you are looking at. Most importantly, the first five ingredients on the list. This will tell you real quickly if this is a food you need to consider. Make sure that in the number one or at the most number two spot that you see a quality protein source.

What's a quality protein source for a dog? Well chicken, fish, chicken meal, and fish meal are all excellent examples of a protein source. Dogs require protein and lots of fact at least 26% should be a minimum to look for (you will also find this on the bag of food so be sure to check that out too:-) Protein is a building block for everything else so without quality protein your dog will NOT get the nutritional requirements that they need to stay healthy and flourish.

By Products Of Any Kind Are A Definite No No In Dog Food!

Yes, you read that right:-) If you don't remember anything else from this article, remember this. So what are by products? By products are the left over "anything" of the good stuff. For example, take a chicken. Once the good meat from the chicken is removed, what do you have? Well there's a chicken head, some feet, bones, feathers, and all the inside parts, right? All that yucky stuff is what gets processed into by products! Not a very pretty thought huh? And it's not very digestible either. So just by products! Oh, and that includes corn and wheat by products too.

Wheat And Corn in Dog Food Can Contribute To Allergies In Dogs

Next time you are at the local store, go to the dog food aisle and look at a few bags of dog food. See how many of them have corn or wheat (or both) in the first five ingredients on the bag of dog food. You will be amazed! The fact is, corn and wheat products are added to dog food not because it is super nutritious but because it is a cheap filler and that usually means less quality protein. Plus, corn and wheat are definite known contributors to allergies in dogs. So, bottom line, don't buy a food with corn or wheat in it, period.

Hopefully now, you'll be armed with some good information about what good dog food ingredients should be in the best holistic dog food and also the bad dog food ingredients to stay away from. Remember, your faithful friend depends on you to find the right food for them. And when you do, you are contributing their health and longevity.

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