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Dog sledding over a white countryside with the sun glistening off the snow! –No its Canicross -- the human and canine activity that fits the running lifestyle we have been promoting. The word is a combination of canine and cross country running---and a new opportunity for dog owners looking to provide exercise for themselves and their dogs. We have talked about, and noted the benefits received from our running lifestyle, well your best friend also loves running and will gain those same benefits. It is a new opportunity to have fun and bond with your four legged companion.

Popular in European countries and Canada---our neighbors to the north use Canicross to keep sled dogs in shape during the dry months ( lack of snow). In fact Quesnal, a small city in British Columbia, Canada is having its first ever, Canicross Meet and Fun Run, at 10 Mile lake Park this August. The sport is beginning to find its way into the USA, as running enthusiasts that have dogs, realize it is a fun way to spend time with their dogs while completing their running routines.

Anyone that has a dog-- knows their natural instinct is to pull at the leash as you are walking them—in Canicross-- this is a trait that needs to be managed and utilized for mutual gain for the dog and its owner. A waist harness is fitted on the human and attached to the dog—this provides for the dog to provide some torque into the team effort. The harness needs to have a length of shock absorber in it to avoid jerking, which would not only be uncomfortable but would pull you off stride or worse. You would also use a head or shoulder harness of some type for the dog—like running with the proper shoes—the harness and leash need to provide the proper team connection for successful results.

Just as in cross country running –Canicross is done off road on natural foot paths, fields or country trails. Dogs, once in gear and pulling, will be exerting a lot of pressure on their paws and hard surfaces will cause damage, while their enthusiasm for running and pulling will not deter them causing further harm. This a great new activity for dog lovers that are into running, want to enjoy their best friend, and accumulate the life long benefit of running and relaxing together.

This is an activity that will take some training and team effort, don’t assume that because you dog is constantly pulling you on your walks that it will be an easy start. If you have never taken a class in dog training, you might want to sign up for one, it will help in getting your dog in to that team effort. Learn more about this opportunity to, enjoy you pet and best friend, while introducing him/her to your running lifestyle.

Besides the obvious benefits of running—ongoing research continues to find new benefits. Newly published research, shows a little running, can increased life spans and possibly slow mental deterioration such as dementia in laboratory testing with rats. Results of such a study were released by Ruth Barruentos, PHD at the U. of Colorado where they found running rats on an exercise wheel protected older rats from memory loss. So if you have mans best friend -- more reason to begin Canicross.

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Great article, and even better reason to get some more exercise. Thank you

  about 1 decade ago
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