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Signs And Symptoms Of Kennel Cough - Does Your Dog Have These?
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Most all pet owners are pet lovers and when their dog is sick they are sick. Oh maybe not literally but they hate to see their pet sick. When pet owner has a kennel cough dog it becomes very apparent to the pet owner that they have a sick dog.

Recognizing the signs and symptoms of kennel cough is fairly easy. Similar to the common cold in us humans dogs also catch this virus or bacteria and give off parallel signs to our common cold. Paying attention to these symptoms may prevent your dog having to go through too much discomfort. Make sure to give your pet the best care before it turns into something worse.

However, as bad as these signs and symptoms sound, kennel cough generally is nothing to worry our selves over to much unless we are irresponsible and choose to do nothing about it. Make sure to seek care for your pet just like you might for any other member of the family. And as a pet lover most of us wouldn’t think of anything less.

The treatment of kennel cough has various opinions from many veterinarians but most will prescribe vaccinations to prevent the sickness. However, there are some veterinarians that actually think giving antibiotics for kennel cough could be the worst thing for your pet and believe in more of a home remedy approach.

Veterinarian Dr. Jones is one of them. Being a dog owner/lover himself he especially believes in a home remedy approach. Why? Because even being a veterinarian and giving his pet the utmost care he saw the untimely death of his dog in his arms one day therefore, went on to do rigorous research as to why.

But getting back to our signs and symptoms, if you see your pet having an attack it may seem quite drastic to you so keep a lookout for the following.

Signs and Symptoms of Kennel Cough

  • Wheezing
  • Hacks and coughs like wanting to clear or something caught in their throat
  • Mucus-y discharge from the pets nose
  • Hacking up mucus when going through an attack or episode
  • Lethargic or moping around the house
  • Lack of appetite

Is Kennel Cough Contagious?

Yes it is. If your pet is around another kennel cough dog and they sneeze, your dog can become infected quite easily. If dogs are sharing the same drinking dish it can also be transmitted or even just playing with another infected dog in the back yard could infect your pet.

As a pet owner make sure you are watching and listening for the signs and symptoms of kennel cough for it may even be best and less expensive to look into some home remedies for kennel cough.

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