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Small Breed Dogs
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There are many dog breeds to choose from. Usually if you grow up with a smaller dog you tend to want a smaller dog when you go on to get your own. Personally, I did just that! I got a little girl named Lola! If you love to bring your dog around with you, a dog like Lola is what you want! She is a Morkie (Maltese and Yorkie Mix). She is only 7 pounds of love and energy!


When you decide to adopt a small breed dog it is a good idea to make sure your food is for small breeds or small enough for your dog to chew and digest. You don't want the dog food to be so small that the dog can eat it too fast without chewing and can overeat. You also don't want to make it too hard for the dog to eat. I would say use a small dog breed food for dogs 10 pounds and under. Anything over that you can use a normal size dog food. Do not use a large breed dog food.


Small breed dogs don't need a large collar. If you get a collar too large, plus all of the tags you will need (town registration, rabies and identification) will weigh down their neck. Currently I have Lola in a half inch wide collar with three ID tags. This is a good reference for what you should have considering Lola's weight of 7 pounds. Also, the leash on small dogs doesn't need to be long. When you train your dog to walk on a leash you want the dog close to you and you want to be in control. In order to do this you need a short leash. There should be room for a some slack in the leash but not much.


The smaller the dog the less expensive the crate! If you are training your dog you do not need a big crate. You want a crate that the dog only has room to turn around in. If it is too big, while training, the dog will have room to have an accident in the crate and also not sit in it. You want them to realize they can't go in their little house. If you are already done with training you can get a bigger crate so they have some more room. Either way, the crates should be too expensive. I recommend a metal crate so they can be able to look out all sides of the crate.

Overall, small breed dogs are easy to carry around, run to have around and cost less. Wether you are talking about food, collars/leashes or crates a small breed dog can be less expensive them a large breed. If you like to have your dog around all the time the small breed is the way to go! I hope you can find as great a small breed dog as mine, Lola!

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