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Small Breed Puppy Food Review - - - - - - - - - What Food Should You Feed Your Puppy?
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Small Breed Puppy Food Review   -     -     -     -     -     -     -     -     -   What Food Should You Feed Your Puppy?

Let's face it, it's not an easy task when it comes to finding the best small breed puppy food. There are just so many choices.

So where's the best place to start? Well here are a few tips to help you sort through all the marketing hype out there and find a quality puppy food for your new furbaby.

There are certain things you need to look for when searching for the best puppy food. Here are a few things to consider before you buy:

1. Be sure you choose either an "all life stages" food or one made especially for puppies.

An all life stages food is designed for both puppies and adult dogs. Your other choice would be one designed especially for small breed puppies. The size of the kibble is very important too. You want it to be very small and bite sized so it will be very easy for your puppy to chew up.

2.Does the food have "by products" in it?

Bottom line, if you see those words in it, don't even think about buying it. By products could be almost anything from chicken heads, chicken feet, feathers, blood, you name it. They are basically fillers that have absolutely no nutritional value. Definitely not good stuff you'd want to feed your puppy.

3.Make sure it does NOT have corn, wheat, soy, wheat gluten or corn gluten.

Any or all of these can lead to allergies, hyperactivity and even diabetes in your puppy down the road. They also contribute to the starch content in a food. Small breed dogs, and especially puppies, are not able to digest starch (carbs) well. Again, these are undesirable fillers that many dog food companies put in their food mainly because it is cheap and plentiful. The best small breed puppy food should be free of these ingredients.

4. Does your puppy food have a high quality protein in it?

Small breed dogs have a very fast metabolism which means they need lots of quality protein in their food. Protein, for example, is like a log you throw on a fire. It burns slow and long. Compare that to paper and twigs (starches or carbs) which tend to burn up very fast. So the puppy food you feed needs to have more protein (preferably human grade meat) than carbs.

Dr. Jane Bicks, product formulator of Life's Abundance puppy food, says that small breed puppies need plenty of nutritionally dense calories in their early months.

Most of a puppies growth will take place in the first six months of their lives and it is crucial that they be supplied with the correct amount of quality protein, fat ,vitamins and minerals. Given a high quality puppy food, they have an excellent chance of living a long and healthy life.

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