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Some Friendly Advise On Feeding Your Dog
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Some Friendly Advise on Feeding Your Dog

Feeding and Treats

You may be thinking that feeding your dog and give it treats is a no brainer. That it is a simple matter of pouring food into a bowl and keeping the food and water dish full. If that is what you think, you couldn’t be more wrong. I am going to advise you on different things to consider about your dog, the type of food to give it, and much more before you just go dump food into the bowl. There are a few things to consider before you run out and just by food and treats for your dog:

  • How old is your dog?
  • What is your dog’s activity level?
  • Does your dog need to gain/lose weight?
  • What types if diets are you considering?
  • What type of treats are you considering?

Know Your Dog’s Needs

An Australian Cattle Dog is a very active dog. They are going to need a lot of exercise and plenty of food the fuel it. Whereas a little Pomeranian is more likely to curl up on your lap all day then run around and build up a huge appetite. So they are not going to require as much food. If your dog is over weight, you are not going to want to give it as much food as you normally would. If your dog it under weight, you are going to want to give it more. Especially for over weight dogs, you want to establish meal times. Do not keep food in the bowl all day. If your dog is anything like mine, as soon as you fill that bowl, the dog is going to empty is and look at you for more.

If you own a senior dog, you are going to want to look for food that will promote good bone and joint health. If you own a puppy, you want to look for something that has smaller bits to chew and easily digestible, and high in protein and calcium for growing muscles and bones.

Another thing to consider is never suddenly switch types of food. Do so gradually by mixing 75% of the old food with 25% of the new for a few days, 50% - 50% for a few days, and then 25% -75% for the next few. After this you can stop giving the old all together. If you do sudden switch foods, it can cause digestive issues, like bloating, diarrhea, vomiting, and gas.

When to Feed Your Dog

As I stated above, it is best not to leave food in the bowl all day. For an adult dog, it is recommended to feed it twice a day. Puppies will need to eat more to feed their faster metabolism and growth. Serving sizes greatly depends on your individual dogs needs (is it over or under weight). Talk with your vet to see what amount is recommended.

Types of food

There are many food choices out there, but don’t be overwhelmed trying to figure out what types to get. Here I will list a few of the most popular foods to choose from.

Dry Foods

The best kind of dry food to get is “Premium” dry food. Yes they are more expensive, but they have high quality ingredients, such as chicken, rice, or corn.

Semi-Moist and Tinned Food

These foods also greatly vary in quality. Just like dry foods, look nutritional foods that contain easily digestible ingredients (chicken and rice). A word of caution when selecting this type. Tinned food tends to have more of a fatty content. And in order for food to remain “semi moist”, manufacturers add an ingredient called propylene glycol. This ingredient is a cousin to ethylene glycol, which we all know is anti-freeze. Even though propylene glycol is an approved preservative, it is unhealthy for your pet.

Home-Made Food

I have heard that this type of diet is becoming more popular. But it is very difficult to maintain a good nutritional balance with this type. As it is probably a good idea to stick with a tried and tested commercial diet.

The Ins and Outs of Giving Treats

While there are many, many different treats available to give your dog, you need to also need to keep in mind the appropriate times to give a treat. If given too many treats, your dog will develop a bigger waste line. If given at inappropriate times, your dog can develop behavioral issues.

A good quality raw hide bone is good to give as a twice a week treat. Dogs love to chew, and chewing bones is a good way to prevent plaque and tartar build up on their teeth. Treats, such is biscuits, should be given as training incentives and rewards for good behavior. Always make them work for it by having them “sit” and do other tricks. Don’t have them do too many before giving them a treat. They could lose interest or getting impatient and snap at the treat, napping your hand in the process

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