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Stop Dog Barking When On Vacation
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It is coming up to the time of year when you are thinking of sorting out your summer vacation. You want to take your dog as he is part of the family but you are not sure if you can trust him to behave well enough. If he has a habit of barking excessively and it was disturbing the other guests or neighbours, you could possibly be asked to leave. The holiday would be spoiled for the whole family. So how do you get your dog to behave himself.

You need to teach him that barking without a valid reason is unacceptable. Some reasons that start dogs barking is seeing a stranger or a dog pass by their territory or if it is something that frightens them. Whatever you do, do not shout at them as they will think you are joining in with them. Firmly tell them to 'Stop' or 'Be Quiet' when they are barking excessively. If they do stop, offer them a treat and praise them for being good. Do this repeatedly until they stop.

Sometimes the barking is to attract your attention. When you come home and they come bounding at you barking their heads off, instead of greeting them, ignore them. They will soon stop the barking if they know they are not going to get the attention they are seeking.

If these solutions do not work it is time for something a bit more drastic. Spray water into the dogs face. It will not harm him but the shock of getting the water sprayed on him will stop him barking. Praise him for being quiet and give him a treat.

I have tried these method to stop my dogs barking and I have to say it was successful. I was able to take them on vacation with me recently and they were no trouble. Dogs will bark from time to time but incessant barking is not good. Neighbours will complain and you find yourself getting stressed whenever the dog starts to bark.

Another thing that can cause a dog to bark is boredom. Make sure your dog has plenty of exercise and take time to play with your dog. They love when you give them attention in this way and it helps to make a stronger bond between human and animal.

So try these methods and see the difference it can make. You will be able to go on your vacation with your family including your dog and come back with lots of happy memories.

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