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Taking Your Pet On Vacation
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Taking Your Pet On Vacation

The thing about taking your pet on vacation means that you cannot take a lot of clothes with you. There just isn't the room in the car. That is how it was for me when I went on holiday with my two dogs. The car was full to bursting with things for them.

They occupied a crate in the rear of the car so there was no room in there for luggage. We had to load it up inside beside us. Three of the seats were taken up with the driver and two passengers so that only left one seat vacant. It is not a big car! We took two crates for them sleeping in at night which folded down flat. Two dog beds, a crate that held all their food, treats etc. A bag of toys for them to play with and there was only room left for two suitcases. We were going to do a lot of laundry while we were away. Lucky the cottage had a washing machine and drier. Packing the things in the car took some careful planning and when we reached our destination, I had visions of me opening the door and everything falling out. Thankfully, that did not happen though.

The cottage had stairs up to the bedrooms and I have to say they were fairly steep. We are not used to stairs because our house is only on one level so this was something new to the dogs. Kerri, the youngest, would have nothing to do with them so we had to carry her up and down them for the two weeks we were there. Kyle was a bit apprehensive at first but he was soon bounding up and down them.

The village we were staying in was next to a loch. That is the Scottish name for a lake. The weather was glorious so we took some wonderful pictures of the water and the mountains around us. The dogs loved to go down to the water's edge and paddle in the water. They also had their first taste of ice cream. They scoffed it up in no time.

We went walks every day and there were so many different walks to go. Some were a bit too tough for us. There were a lot of hill walkers but we were not of that calibre. The dogs probably would have managed fine, it is just we are not as fit as we once were. All in all we had a lovely time and taking your pet on vacation, I would highly recommend.

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