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Talented K9 Dogs That Chase
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Do you have a dog that loves to chase things? Dogs that chase are everywhere. Chasing is a built in instinct that dogs have always had. Chasing is a survival instinct. Dogs that chase are simply very prey driven. In the wild, dogs have to chase things that move quickly in order to get food in their bellies. If they didn't, they would of course die. Domestic dogs now have food given to them. We've taken away their hunting activity, an activity they actually enjoyed. The instinct is still there, still ingrained in their minds. Now they find other things to chase such as small animals, cats, bikes, cars, people on roller blades and much more.

How do you stop dogs that chase? First of all, you need to find activities for your dog that can help to fill that hunting void. If your dog has a lot of prey drive, they probably love toys. If they don't, they will certainly love a toy on a long rope that you can get acting like a prey animal. You need to give your dog plenty of options during the day to chase things that are safe for him to chase. Lets take a look at some of these activities.

Fetch is a great game for dogs that chase. Play a good 15 minute game of fetch with your dog, then switch to another prey type activity. If your dog loves toys, try a soccer or volley ball. Kick it around and let your dog chase it, pounce on it, and try picking it up. soccer can be a lot of fun for dogs, just be careful not to kick the ball into your dog or hurt your dog. Some dogs even like Tetherball. They have a lot of fun jumping and trying to catch the ball.

Frisbee can be a great game to play with a prey driven dog too. Teach your dog how to catch it and your good to go. If your not sure how to go about teach a dog to catch a frisbee, I will soon be making a lens on Squidoo all about teaching your dog to play frisbee. You will find that link by visiting us at the 'Talented K9' link below. Once your there you can look to the right where all of my Squidoo Lens are listed.

A wonderful toy for dogs that chase is the one mentioned above. A simple toy on a long rope. You can make your own very easily. I like hooking the rope to a stick to get more movement. It acts kind of like a cat toy, you try to keep the toy away from your dog, they have to get clever to catch it. Most dogs with prey drive love this game and it wears them out easily with out you having to do much at all.

Other than toys that you two can play with together, you should also have some interactive toys to keep your dog busy. Kongs are great, but there are several other types of toys on the market. Take a look at my Squidoo lens 'Rainy Day Games' to get more toy ideas. I love the kongs because there are so many ways to fill them. You can even freeze them to make it harder for your dog. Get a few of them and hide them around the house. Your dog will have to 'hunt' for them, then take a lot of time trying to get the food out once he's found them. This can benefit your dog greatly in the hunting activity.

Once your sure your giving your dog plenty of opportunity to have some safe, hunting action, then you can start looking into ways to stop the unwanted behavior if he's still doing them. I cover this part of my article in my blog entry 'Dog Chasing'. Visit us at the Talented K9 link below to read tips on how to stop this unwanted behavior.

Visit us at 'Talented K9' to learn more about stopping unwanted chasing behavior, along with many more tips on aggression, house training, crate training, trick training, keeping your dog home, introducing dogs to other dogs, and many more. Amy Hiscocks is a Professional Dog Trainer and Behavior Specialist, visit us today!

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