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In today's world there are thousands of aggressive dogs living out there of all shapes and sizes. No matter what breed a dog is, there are aggressive dogs with in that breed. Look around you, do you see or know of somebody with an aggressive dog? Chances are you do. So why are there so many aggressive dogs in today's world? There are a few reasons, and several different types of dog aggression. The first kind of aggression I'd like to go over is Dominance Aggression.

Dominance Aggression, a dog who is actually dominant is actually a dog who doesn't show much aggression at all. Most people get confused here thinking their dog is being Dominant. This could be true, but usually their dog just wants to be dominant. A dog who is actually dominant is the dog who doesn't have to do much to prove themselves. They aren't the ones raising their teeth at every dog that comes by, their not the ones with hackles raised and barking their heads off at the ends of the leash. These Dominant dogs are the ones sitting back watching for one wrong move, that wrong move and then the dog will act.

Dogs who want to be Dominant are usually the ones you see, showing their teeth, bullying other dogs, lunging at the end of the leash with their hackles raised and barking. Sure they seem dominant, but really they are just trying to put on a show to show how big and scary they are. In doing this, they are hoping they scare the other one enough they won't want a fight. However, if it does not, they are also willing to fight.

If you think of this in humans, it might be a little easier to understand. So lets say there's a big guy, very sure of himself sitting in a bar. He's calm, quiet, yet he puts off that presence about him where people know not to mess with him. Now you get a smaller guy in, he's being loud, obnoxious and talking a lot of crap. He's the one saying bring it on, he's ready for a fight. This guy is simply trying to prove he's big when he's not. Sure he can get in a fight, but he has to do a lot to try an bring that presence about him, in the end he is still unable to. Why? Because he's not truly dominant. The truly dominant guy is the one waiting till he's actually needed to do something, he's not the one trying to start fights.

There are several dogs out there who want to be dominant, but there are few who are actually dominant. Dominance Aggression is usually caused by dogs who are simply wanting to be dominant. They are the bullies of the dog world. If you think you have one of these dogs, their behavior needs to be corrected. Dogs usually act this way when they lack actual leadership. Dogs are poor leaders in the human world. This is the reason a lot of dogs become aggressive. Humans can make good leaders when done correctly and it's not about pampering your dog. Pampering your dog can make them worse. I'm not going to go into how to be a good leader in this article, but if you'd like to read more on it and find ways to solve your dog's dominance aggression issues, feel free to click the Talented K9 link below.

Amy Hiscocks is a Professional Dog Trainer and Behavior Specialist. For more tips on solving your dog's dominance aggression problem, and many other tips such as introducing a new dog into the home, house training, crate training, keeping your dog home, and more, visit us today at Talented K9.

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