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There are thousands of fearful dogs out there, some terrified of life in general. Some afraid of people or other dogs. Some fearful dogs develop fears of certain objects like cars, signs, or even people wearing hats. I hope to talk to everyone about why dogs develop these fearful habits and hopefully give some tips on how to help your dog overcome these fears. If a fearful dog has these fears ingrained in them over several years, it can take a lot longer to get them over it than say a younger fearful dog that has just become afraid of something.

What causes dogs to become a fearful dog? There are many things to look at here. It could be genetic, perhaps the mother of the litter is afraid of life and passed it down to her pups. Pups are with their mom long enough to pick up on this behavior. When looking for a puppy, be sure the mom has the temperament you like too. With a lot of fearful dogs, it's a learned behavior.

Growing up, puppies usually go through what we call a fear period at 8-11 weeks. They could be doing great up until this time, then they seem to really start noticing things around them. Usually these things scare them and they have to figure out whether or not these objects are truly something to be afraid of. A lot of people make the big mistake of assuring the puppy when this happens. Telling the puppy 'Oh It's okay, don't be scared, that object isn't going to hurt you'. Some people pet the puppy while doing so and even pick them up and cuddle them. Why is this a big mistake? This does not teach the puppy that object is okay, this teaches the puppy they are right to be afraid of that object and be afraid of it from here on out! Not good! So what should you do when your puppy or dog shows fear towards something? Completely Ignore it! Do NOT make a big deal out of it, let them figure it out on their own. Don't laugh at them, this too will make them fear the object.

Dogs usually have two sets of fear periods, the second fear period is around 6-14 months. This is another important time to let your dog figure things out on their own, don't make a big deal out of any of it, it will in grain it for life. Just keep going about your business and pretend the dog isn't being fearful, if your out walking, just keep walking, if it's in your house, just keep going about your business don't stop. Don't encourage your dog to sniff out the object either, this too can go against you. There are of course instances where it has worked, but it's better to simply ignore it. Dogs will figure it out on their own.

Another reason dogs become fearful dogs, is lack of socialization. It is crucial to start socializing your puppy from 7-12 weeks. Introducing them to as many people, dogs, situations, surfaces, and objects as possible. Dogs who don't get this, tend to be fearful in new situations or even become fearful aggressive where they will actually growl at and bark at people coming into their house. Though they are being fearful, they are also showing aggression which definitely needs to be corrected!

There are several reasons dogs can become fearful dogs, it doesn't always mean they were abused or in a bad previous home. So how do you go about helping a fearful dog overcome their fearfulness? There are several ways to do so, and we cover it all in the link below. Go there to read more.

Amy Hiscocks is a Professional Dog Trainer and Behavior Specialist. To read more tips on overcoming fears, please visit Talented K9 Not only do we cover tips on overcoming fears, but also tips on behavior problems, crate training, house training, keeping your dog at home, and much more.

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Fearful? Very bad choice of words,,,sorry but the article would have been better if U had said that U are fearful! But of WHAT?

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