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I have had my Rotty for 5 years now. He was around three months old when I got him. He was the cutest little guy ever. I thought He looked like a little baby bear cub. Just about as wild also. He was definitly a handful.

I did all the things I thought a good responsible pet owner should do. I took him to a veterinarian. I had him examined and started his puppy series of shots. I asked my veterinarian about dog food. He suggested a puppy style commercial dog food.

So I went to the super market and looked at puppy food.

I read labels and looked at all the great pictures on the bags. I compared this one to that one determined to make the best the best choice, but honestly, I didn't know any more about which one of these bags had the most nutritious food in it then I did when I started! I ended up picking a more pricier brand with pictures of raw meat and vegetables on the bag. It had pictures of vegetables on the bag It had to be healthy! Right?

Within 6 months Tank had developed some symptoms that something was wrong. He began shaking his head a lot. Laying on the floor and digging at his ears with his paws. He would whine like he was in pain. I felt his ears and they were hot to the touch. They had black stuff inside and did not smell good.

So, I called the Veterinarian. They said bring him in. So, I took Tank to the veterinarian. After charging me $40.00 for the office visit and exam I was given some cream to put in his ears daily for seven days. ( that cream cost $21.00 ) Altogether I spent $61.00 for the veterinarian and $10.00 in gas, not to mention the 2 1/2 hours of my day. A total of $71.00 and 2 1/2 hours gone.

But, the worst part of it all is poor Tank. I really love this Guy. I hate to see him in so much pain and irritation. It's obvious that he suffers with it.

This happened to Tank every 6 months or so for the first 3 years of his life. The veterinarian always said the same thing "allergies" were the cause of Tanks chronic ear infections. Allergies to what ? He didn't know.

When Tank was 4, I bought another dog. Something small, but rugged to keep Tank company. I bought a Rat Terrier. when I bought the new dog, the breeder gave me a health guarantee for 6 months . But, she offered an extended guarantee on the dogs health if I fed the dog " ^%$#@@&" brand of organic, holistic, natural dog food. I asked her what was so great about this dog food. She went on to tell me some amazing nutritional facts and the difference she has seen in her show dogs since she started using this dog food 11 years ago. She suggested I put Tank on it too.

I did.

After two weeks I started to notice a few of changes...

He pooped less.

It stunk less.

There was less of it.

He was more playful then he had been in a long time

His breath smelled better

His coat was all shiney

He looked great.

To make long story short...

Tank is in optimum health and has not had an ear infection since switching to an organic, all natural, holistic dog food.

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