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Teaching Your Pet And Your Kids To Live In Harmony
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Teaching Your Pet And Your Kids To Live In Harmony

A lot of people worry that when they start a family, then the household pet may get jealous and may need to shipped out of the household to ensure the safety of the children.

Worries that the household pet may bite or scratch the new baby are real worries and do need to be addressed and introducing the new baby to your pet to is very important.

So how do I introduce my new baby to my pet?

Arriving home from hospital with a new baby is a big adjustment for everyone in the house not least of all your pet. So supervised introductions are very necessary. Ensure that your dog or cat has plenty of time to sniff your baby in his own time.

Make a fuss of your dog or cat to ensure that they still feel loved and not pushed aside in favour of this new little person. You must make sure that you continue to spend plenty of quality time with your pet, especially if you own a dog who is used to playing with you or going out for long walks.

A lot of the time you may well find that your dog or cat will not even give the baby a second thought

What else can I do?

Pets are naturally curious creatures and so it is advisable to ensure that during your baby's nap time and throughout the night, your pet is not able to get into your baby's room.

While your pet doesn't mean to harm your baby, it is easy enough for a cat to jump onto a cradle and for a large dog to upend a cradle. Supervision of your pet is important at all times when your baby and pet are together.

Consider having your pet properly groomed. Think about clipping the nails of your cat and dog who might want to put a paw on your baby. short nails will eliminate the risk of your baby accidental being scratched by a curious pet who is just reaching out to touch this new little person.

Clipped and shorter hair on your pet also, will enable you to keep your home cleaner and while a lot of people worry about their child being allergic to a pet, studies have been carried out, the results of which show that children who are brought up with a pet are less likely to suffer pet allergies than children who are not brought up with a pet in the house.

What does my child need to learn?

As your child gets bigger, he or she needs to learn to respect your cat or dog in just the way that your pet has had to learn to respect the them.

Your child needs to learn the following:-

Never to pull at the ears tail or coat of the family pet

Never to wake a sleeping pet.

To stay out of the pets food/drink/toilet area.

Children are curious beings as well and it might be an idea to provide space for your pet where he can go and know that the child cannot reach him.

We all need a bit of peace and quiet at times and pets are no exception here.

These are just a few ideas on how children and pets can get along together and how to encourage your child and pet to respect each other.

Just because there is a new baby in the house, doesn't mean that the pet has to go.

Street Talk

You're absolutely right about that Devika.

  about 1 decade ago

pets are loved in most households and given the care and love required there should be no problems

  about 1 decade ago
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