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Tips For Travelling With Your Dog
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Tips for Travelling With Your Dog

It's holiday time again and you really don't want to put your dog in kennels. For one thing it's expensive and for another, your dog misses you and sure lets you know when you collect him at the end of the holiday.

If you want to travel and take your dog with you, then it really doesn't have to be difficult. With a bit of forward planning, travelling with your dog is easy and also fun.

Take a look at the following tips to ensure that the journey with your dog is enjoyable for your dog and you.

1. To begin with, take your dog for short trips in the car. Go to places that your dog will enjoy such as the park, where your dog can have a good run round, or go to a local drive through restaurant. You can allow your dog a treat by giving him a small piece of your hamburger.

Don't start by driving your dog to the vet's, this will not go down well and you will find that your dog isn't too keen to jump into the car the next time you want to take him for a ride.

2. Should your dog suffer from car sickness, don't allow him food on the day that your trip is planned. If your dog is travelling with no food in his tum, then he is much less likely to be car sick.

3. Take your dogs water dish along with you and plenty of water so that you can give your dog a drink when you stop for a break. Your dog may not want to drink from an unfamiliar dish because the dish and the water will smell or even taste different. Your dog will be much happier to drink water that you have taken with you from home and from his own drinking bowl.

4. Make sure that you take with you your dog’s food, toys, lead and bed.

5. If your dog is crate trained and uses a crate, take that along with you as well. If space is limited in your car, then it is possible to buy a fold up crate which takes up less space.

6. While travelling, some dogs will lie quietly on the car seat while others like to stay in their crate. However your dog likes to travel in the car, it is well worth purchasing a seat belt for him to ensure his safety should there be an accident.

7. While you are travelling, stop every couple of hours to allow your dog out of the car for a drink and go to the toilet if necessary. Some dogs may get scared of the noise of large lorries and other traffic going by so try to find a quiet place to stop if you can.

8. Should your dog get anxious about staying in a strange hotel and not eat, make sure that he drinks plenty. It can be a good idea to mix some chicken broth or gravy in with his water.

9. Strap your dog into the car so he is safe when you travel. In the unlikely event of an accident you want to know that all the occupants of the car are safe. So a safety harness or barrier is well worth the money.

The very first trip out in the car with your dog will most likely be the hardest, as your dog won't realise that you are coming home again. Having done the first trip, all following car journeys should be really easy providing you have taken time to ensure that your dog has enjoyed his car trips.

All future car journeys should be really easy for you and your dog.

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