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Tips To Keep Your Pet Safe In Hot Weather
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Tips to Keep Your Pet Safe In Hot Weather

During the summer months when the temperature soars, your pet could be in real danger of overheating. Dogs and cats are unable to tolerate very high temperatures and so it falls to you as a pet owner to make sure that your pet stays safe in the hot weather.

Read on to discover some tips to keep your pet safe during the hot summer months.

Never leave your pet in your car.

Some pets just love to ride in the car, and in particular dogs enjoy car rides, but in the summer months, the heat can be just too much for them. If you leave your pet in the car even for a short while, your pet could suffer from severe dehydration or even die as the temperature inside the vehicle can be extremely high. Even if you leave the car window down for air to circulate, if the car is parked in the sun, the temperature could still prove too much for your pet. It's best to leave your pet at home and know that he will not be at risk from the heat.

If you really must travel and take your pet with you, do make sure that your pet is safely strapped in the vehicle and that while you are travelling, the air conditioning is on all the time. Also, ensure you have plenty of 'pet stops' during your journey and allow your pet time to have frequent drinks of water.

When walking your dog

If you know that the day is going to be another scorcher, then do take your pet for a walk either early in the morning or later on in the evening, when it isn't quite so hot. Take some water along with you so that your pet can have a drink en route and also remember that if you do go out in the hottest part of the day, that the heat from the pavement or road could burn your pets feet.

Grooming your pet

If your pet has long hair, then during the summer months especially, it is essential that you groom them properly. For a long haired dog, it is not dissimilar to putting on a heavy winter coat when the temperature is up in the 90's. Not a thing that you or I would do, and perhaps something that your pet would prefer to avoid as well.

Regular grooming will help to get rid of a dogs winter undercoat and enable your dog to keep his body temperature better regulated, while clipping your dogs hair on a regular basis will also be a benefit to your dog in the battle to stay cool.

Dogs with shorter hair are at danger of getting sunburned.

Cats also will benefit from having their fur trimmed during the summer as they can easily become overheated even if they stay indoors out of the sun.


Insects can be a real bother to your pet when the weather is warm. Fleas and ticks are most troublesome during the spring and summer and so dosing your pet regularly with flea treatment is a sound idea.

Mosquitoes, also around in the spring and summer, can also cause you pet problems such as heartworm. Heartworm preventative treatment for your pet is a must.

It is also an idea to keep a first aid kit handy for any bee or wasp stings that occur.

Outdoor Activities

In the Garden -If you are mowing your lawn or putting chemicals on the grass, do ensure that your pet is indoors and out of harms way.

At the lake - While most pets will be able to swim, it's always a good idea to just keep an eye on your pet in case they encounter problems while in the water.

Boating. - Did you know that you can buy a life preserver vest for your dog to wear while he is out with you on your boat. No matter how good a swimmer your pet is, he will get tired if the worst happens and he ends up in the water.

What ever activities you enjoy doing, bear in mind these tips to keeping your pet safe in hot weather and you and your pet will have an enjoyable time together.

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