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To Sew Or To Knit Clothes (a Suit) For Your Dachshund Or Yorkie?
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To Sew Or to Knit Clothes (a Suit) for Your Dachshund Or Yorkie?

Although cynologists don’t approve of modern tendency to dress up dogs, there are more and more ladies who walk along the streets with their pretty pets in smart suits or coats. Some people even go further and make such clothes by themselves.

How to sew a suit for a dachshund or Yorkie?

If you want to sew clothes for dachshund or Yorkie, chose two types of fabric for it: one for lining and another for the top. Flannel is the best choice for lining and plaschevka as a basic fabric.

To cut out a pattern measure the length from neck to tail (length of the back). To find the neck point correctly put a collar on the dog but it shouldn’t be too tight. Divide this measurement by 8 to find out the length of the side of the square.

Now draw your pattern on paper. The side of the square will constitute 1/8 of AB (AB – length of the back). Find a simple pattern of a suit for a dachshund or Yorkie and draw it on our pattern. Remember that you should regulate the length and width of trouser-legs while fitting. It’s better to make gathers at the bottom of trouser-legs with an elastic.

As a result you get 9 pieces of clothes except a belt. Cut them out leaving not more than 2 cm for seams. The edging cut slantwise. Baste the main pieces and make the fitting. If needed, make alterations. If you’d like to make the suit with a belt, don’t forget about a kuliska. Make piping and elastic at the neck. It’s better to make the opposite side of the suit in the same way.

A wide adhesive tape divided into small pieces is the best choice for a fastener. In this case the suit won’t cockle.

How to knit a suit for your dachshund or Yorkie?

Small dogs often feel cold outdoors and draw in their legs. If you want your pet always feel comfortable, try to knit dachshund clothes or Yorkie clothes.

Measure the length from neck to tail, sizes in chest and belly and other necessary measurements. Draw a preliminary scheme of the suit on paper and count the number of stitches in each part of knitting. For this purpose it’s better to knit a small sample and look how many stitches there are in each cm of knitting.

Begin with elastic for waist making a number of stitches equal to the width of pet’s waist. It’s better to knit elastic pattern so that it fit tightly to the body. Knit in a circle but not a canvas as there will be buttons on top.

When you will approach forepaws divide your knitting in five parts and knit each part separately (except for the second and fourth – future sleeves). Make the part between the legs narrower.

At first go on knitting the first and the fifth parts as they are and when you approach the neck begin to widen them decreasing the number of stitches symmetrically.

Knit until these parts “meet” on the chest.

Knit the central part until it approaches these “met” parts. Use threads of appropriate colour and structure to unite all three parts. You will get a waistcoat for your dachshund. Make sure that it suits your pet and doesn’t impede movements.

Finish back slats with a crochet needle making buttonholes and stitching buttons.

Pick neck stitches and knit neck part. It also should have buttons on the back otherwise it would be difficult to put the suit on your dachshund.

Pick arm-hole stitches and knit sleeves for forepaws of needed length and width. To fit tighter you can make them narrower at the ends.

Begin to knit back part. Pick stitches at waist elastic and knit croup and loins for a boy or croup only for a girl. Pick stitches from croup end, add more stitches between paws and knit trouser-legs for hind legs.

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