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Training Dogs Not To Bite Furniture And People
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Training dogs not to bite your furniture, friends and family members is very important. When your dog or puppy is biting your family and friends as well as other objects in the house it can change your whole perspective of your dog. You start to have the impression of your pet which is not the way it should be. You want to think of your pup as a fun, loving and cuddly which every dog lover dreams of. It is a very natural tendency for puppies to bite everything around the house and sometimes even the people they are living with. You need to understand that dogs teeth too, and just like babies they like to bite and chew on things. So therefore, training dogs not to bite is an important part of your dogs training.

A few tips to help you avoid your furniture getting ruined after you get your new pet is to screw on rubber strips to the bottom part of your chair legs. So when your dog bites the chairs, the wood will not come off. Also, try to have higher couches in your house. And preferably, they should not be leather. Dogs will bite on the ends and if the leather gets in the way, well then their sharp young teeth will surely tear the leather.

Purchasing a dog bone is a very effective way to help your dog through its' teething process and for training dogs not to bite everything and everyone around. You can purchase these special bones for dogs in large, medium and small sizes. These special bones for dogs have good components in them like calcium and other vitamins and supplements which are good for your pet dogs' teeth. Also, when your dog chews on the bone its' teeth get a little blunter which is a good thing when training dogs not to bite. This will also keep your dog away from chewing on other items and even family members and friends in the house as he will be occupied with his dog bone.

Remember not to buy a bone that is too big for your dog otherwise he will most likely get frustrated and not bite it; therefore resorting to other "biteable" items. One solution I used for training dogs not to bite, which did not cost me much, was to get very helpful tips on how to training dogs not to bite. He pretty much stopped biting everything after 3 weeks and obeys me pretty well for a pup! I feel like I have that really desirable relationship which every dog owner would like to have though, few find it. Training dogs not to bite is really not such a big task if you spend a little time applying some of these very simple suggestions.

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