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Training Dogs Using A Whistle
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Training Dogs Using A Whistle

Be a whistle blower

There are many different ways that dog owners can teach their pets obedience. However, one of the basic methods used is through whistles. Dog training with whistles is great when trying to get a dog's attention especially from a far distance. Since the sound of a whistle is more easily picked up by a dog than the sound of a person's voice, this is a great option for dog training.

Starting out

The basic whistle command is training a dog to come to a whistle. When you're starting to teach your dog this, begin by having some treats on hand. In order to associate treats with obedience, blow the whistle and then give the dog a treat right away. Then take a few steps away from the dog, blow the whistle again and encourage the dog to come towards you for another treat.

Within a few tries, your dog will start to learn that a whistle blowing means that he should come and find you. After you've done this for a few minutes, leave the dog in one part of the yard and play hide-and-seek. Hide behind something and then blow the whistle. The dog should hear it and seek you out. Praise the dog and continue rewarding it with treats. The basic command of coming is one of the easiest to master with a whistle.

Expanding training

After you've picked up on the basics, you can then begin to teach your dog other commands such as sit and stay. For each command, pick a different whistle signal that is easily heard. One example is that two short whistle blows is the signal for sit. With the dog standing, blow on the whistle two short times and then gently push on the dog's hindquarters, encouraging it to sit. After the dog complies, praise and reward him with treats. You can use a similar method to teach your dog to stay, lie down, and similar commands.

Be consistent

When training your dog to respond to whistle commands, the key is consistency and praise. Most dogs will want to please you and are also very motivated by treats. In order to encourage them to learn these commands, be sure to praise them consistently while learning.

Also, write down which commands match with each whistle blow and refer to this. If you are inconsistent in your training, your dog will become confused, leading to a difficulty in training. Most dogs can learn these commands fairly easily and within a few weeks, you can train your dog to respond to a variety of commands. Generally 5-10 commands is ideal as more may be confusing for both you and the dog.

Stick to the basics

These basics are a great way to use dog training with whistles. Whistle training is more consistent than voice commands and can be taught to a dog just as easily as vocal commands are given. If you are trying to train your dog some basic commands, consider using whistle training as the basis for dog obedience and training methods.

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Hi, Funny you mention dog ages. I had a Jack Russel that I could not keep and found a new home when 3 years old. Out of the blue I received an email from her new owner saying Salty is now 14 years old ie. 98 dog years and fit as a fiddle. Then yesterday I met a dog 18 years old ie 126 dog years and still pretty chirpie. Must be something in the dog food because most of my dogs lived for about 12 years which I thought was pretty good going. Mmmm maybe if they made dog food a little tastier we could be on to something!! Cheers, Frank

  about 9 years ago

This is a great article! I wouldn't mind seeing an article by you on training and dogs ages.

  about 9 years ago
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