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Training For A Good Dog
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For the Love of Dogs!

I have always admired dogs with their unique personalities, their animal pack traits, and their sincere yet wise unconditional love. If you're anything like me, seeing one wandering the streets it is a must to stop and help. Whether it be to lend a hand in a ride home, give their worried pack members a call, or give them a place to stay for the night with plenty of water, a snack, and a warm blanket.

Sometimes, this furry friend finds their way into your heart because they have no home to call their own or maybe you have room to lend shelter for a while to help them find a place worthy enough to call home. Regardless, as with the upbringing of our children, teaching them the rules of the house and the ways of the world, we share our knowledge with our new found animal friend. Afterall, we do want them to enjoy their stay if lucky enough, and be the best they can be when they leave our home to assure anyone and everyone moves forward with what they need to ensure happiness and love in their lives, right?

However long the stay my be, all short term visitors and newly found pack members must learn to abide. When the decision has been made what would be best for your new companion, there are choices to be made. If they stay, I definitely want them to behave well in my home and not go crazy on me taking control of my prized posessions and stressing out my family because they can't contain themselves! And if they need to find a home, it's for certain I would want them to find the best home available for their personalities. Or maybe you already have existing dogs in your household that you need to consider.  Therefore, dog training comes into equation.

My entire life, I've always thought I was a "dog person" with such an attachment and understanding of them. Little did I know in the beginning that with each individual dog, there is an individual personality involved. I have grown to be completely aware of that through trials and tribulations while growing and learning. You should be completely aware of this as well to assure a safe and understanding relationshiop with any animal really.

Do you find yourself asking someone else how to train your dog?  Are you tired of taking your dog walking in public only to hang your head in embarressment and hurry back indoors with your high energy dog leading you instead? Wouldn't it be an awesome feeling to know how to be an amazing pack leader to enjoy time spent with a new best friend? Well, there's no need to waste time feeling frustrated about training your dog when there are world renowned dog training experts available online for advise to make dog training easy and tons of information at your finger tips to gain knowledge in this area! (Afterall, isn't the World Wide Web considered the new paper written Encyclopedia?) You can correct misbehaviors as quickly as you would like by following simple directions and by being consistent in your teachings. All you need is to learn how to train your dog!

Perhaps you would like to train your dog not to bark and learn all about dog crate training while you're away from the house. Maybe you would like to learn all the tricks to train your dog, like training a dog how to fetch, how to train a dog to heel, how to train a dog to stay, or maybe even how to train a dog to roll over. Many of us don't take our dogs on walks as often as we should because they wear us out. Therefore, we need to learn how to leash train a dog so we can make sure our dog gets the exercise he needs. It is very important to also train a dog not to chew things that have sentimental value to us. That is what dog chewies are for, right? Because their teeth need a work out as well as a good energy release when they are bored or nervous, it's definitely a good idea to have plenty of dog rawhide chews and chew toys available.

We adopt, rescue, and take in dogs all the time in hopes of finding the perfect companion. But what we fail to realize before we bring them home that it will take work to teach things such as how to train a dog not to bite if there are young kids living in the home. Or maybe you need a well trained watch dog for some reason and need to learn how to train a dog to attack only when necessary to save a life, as K-9 dogs assist our local police departments. There's a ton of information online for all of these concerns and much, much more. All you have to do is search for what you need and you'll find the answers right there in front of you! You will be glad you did.

Just remember, all dogs require plenty of daily attention, loving, exercise, play, and training to be happy, obedient, and a human's best friend. Your dog is part of your family who you want to enjoy for many years. Learn professional dog training secrets to training your dog and how it can make a big difference in your pack's life. I know I continually learn because I find the dog world to be so interesting!  

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