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Training Puppies To Potty, How Hard Is It?
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Training puppies to Potty is not hard. It will require time.

Puppies are absolutely without a doubt one of the cutest, most adorable things this side of heaven. So either don't let your children see one or be prepared to go the distance with puppy potty training.

A quick story here, one day when my sons were very young, they came home and said “Mom, can we have a puppy, please mom. Johnnie’s dog had puppies and he said we could have one, please mom”.

I took a deep breath and braced myself so that when I turned to look at those lovely little faces of my sons and give them the bad news that they could not have a puppy, my oldest son had in his hand the tiniest little puppy I had ever seen.

Oh my goodness I thought, they must have snatched this one straight out of the dog’s womb. His eyes were still shut. I gasped, “where did you?, who gave you?, why didn’t they wait for?” Oh dear Lord!

My sons stood there eyes wide open, while the puppies eyes were completely shut, pleading with me.

Needless to say, they got a puppy, but not without some ground rules first. They would have to take care of this puppy.

I told them that this puppy was “special”, he still needed to be fed with a bottle. Oh joy! “That’s ok mom, we can do it. Just tell us what we have to do, we can do it.” I explained to my two little ones that their little one would require feeding every two hours.

“No problem” they said. So I set up a basket with shredded newspaper at the bottom, showed them how to prepare a bottle and told them to put the basket right near them so they can hear their baby, I mean puppy cry.

7:00p.m. the younger one took the first feeding. All was well. 9:00p.m. the oldest took the next feeding. All was well 11:00 the younger son, although tired and rubbing his eyes took the next feeding. All was well

1:00 a.m. the oldest, determined to show me that he can handle it was up (nodding out) but took the feeding.

It was around 4:00 a.m. I heard this weird yelping, tiny but consistent. As I walked into the living area where I had set them up with their baby and basket what did I find.

The puppy was standing inside of the basket, his puppy face 2 inches away from my son’s faces and they were passed out. Puppy yelping in their face as if to say “hey, wake up guys, feed me, I’m hungry”.

The puppy was relentless and they were oblivious. Needless to say, I took care of the puppy and it went like that for weeks.

I knew I should have said “No!”

Oh well, I said all of that to say having a puppy requires work. It is in fact like having another baby.

Puppy potty training is very similar to baby potty training.

There is a time commitment that is very necessary to see favorable fruit of your labor.

Repetition, repetition, repetition. Keep it simple, everytime you feed him or give him water, take him out. It will seem ridiculous to always take him out but trust me, it will teach him where he is to go potty at the same time it will save your carpet, your floors and the rugs.

Puppy potty training will require diligence. I have had a few puppies and each one required exactly the same thing....time and effort!

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