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What Are You Feeding Your Dog?
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What Are You Feeding Your Dog?

It's time to feed the dog, what exactly are you feeding your best friend, high fiber dog food, prescription dog food? When feeding dogs on exclusive dog food and you find out what's in them you really are in for a big shock. The beef flavor complete dog food you bought could have some beef in it, more than likely that it has none. Why? Because it doesn't have to according to the science diet dog food reviews guidelines regarding ingredients for dry dog food brands. The "Chicken & Rice" may have some chicken trace bulked up with rice in however between the two of the main ingredients only be 24% make up the final formula of the precise dog food and this is still within regulations. So the question is what’s in the other 76%?

Take Nutritional Control

76% of most recommended dog food is made up of fillers, chemical preserves and by-products many of them banned from human use, yet are allowed in even prescription dog food. With grain and corn normally being the main ingredients not meat the so called weight control dog food is far from nutritional, now is the time to take control, get the best dog food for dogs health. Do you think the artificial flavors or colors are there to benefit your dog or are they there for your benefit? Is it true the food you feed your dog provides a balanced, complete and nutritional diet? No. Also the lack of labeling regulations for cheap dog food we have no way of knowing exactly what it is that we are feeding our dogs so what can we do about it.

There is One Way to be Certain

Do some good old fashioned healthy dog treats it is the only way to know for certain exactly what your dog eats. When a dog is fed high protein dog food, homemade, there’s the purity, flexibility and there are absolute controls over the dogs nutrition. Even with all natural dog food the limited ingredient dog food is top quality, coupled with a toxin free balanced diet. Maintenance of a dog’s calorie intake can be monitored and adjusted to suit the dog changing needs. A word of caution you do need to know what you are doing cooking food for dogs as their dietary needs are different to humans and you can do more harm than good without the right recipes. Don’t over complicate matters feeding your pet fresh food but it is still important to provide all the nutrition needed for the maintenance of a healthy body. Combine animal protein with rice, pasta, vegetables and cereals will provide the fats, carbohydrates, minerals, protein and vitamins a dog needs.

Rocket science or Simple

When you achieve a balance in quality dog food it can be a daunting task, but it's not rocket science it's simple cooking. I have to admit when the research began, facts and figures were abound literally thousands and I found many websites reporting misinformation.

Not being a vet my area of expertise is as a dog lover and only wanting the very best for my dogs. If you are still with me so far, that must be what you want also. You can't tell when a dogs insides are contaminated especially if it looks healthy on the outside and it's no good waiting for the organs to reach the stage where they can't withstand the barrage of toxins due to canine dog food. Be the master your dog deserves and find out how to feed it properly.

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